A lot of photographer's About Me pages talk about "stumbling" into their profession and how after one moment the rest was history. A lot of others talk about "capturing" moments for you and turning them into timeless photos. Then you get some that say "behind the lens is where I am most comfortable." I'm over the clichés. All of that fluff doesn't tell you one lick about me as a person or as a professional. So instead here are some things that I think you should really know about me.

1.) I started as a political science major in undergrad, I dropped out of my masters program so that I could actually pay attention to all the beautiful couples that wanted me to try wedding photography. 

2.) Animals are my Jimmy-Jam. I grew up barrel racing horses in Missouri, if I see a stray cat chances are I am taking it home (No I'm serious, I am 4/4 on that one currently). I have a little black dog named Juniper and currently am a member of every Pomeranian rescue group on facebook, so you know exciting stuff there. My family calls me Lenny (from Of Mice and Men) because I over-pet animals. No worries though I haven't killed anything with my love. 

This is my go-to-pose, can you see my tonsils? CUS THAT’S THE GOAL.

This is my go-to-pose, can you see my tonsils? CUS THAT’S THE GOAL.

3.) I love love. My husband (AHH SO WEIRD TO SAY) and I started dating in 9th grade. **Cue the Awh** We like going to breweries, well he does I like cider and super sweet wine, so he can have ALL the hoppy beer he wants. We love going to the movies, traveling, and planning out homes that we will never be able to afford. We also call each other Bebe and yes we know it is strange.

4.) I love trashy television. I am just as at home watching CNN as I am Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I have seen EVERY episode of all the Teen Mom series and I am not ashamed. 

5.) I love to travel. I went to France, because I can speak French (well I can find the bathroom and the nearest McDonalds in French and thats really important right?), and it changed my life. So if you are thinking elopement or engagement to a beautiful place sign me the heck up. 

6.) I am about celebrating the feeling of a big day or moment. I don't want my subjects to keep looking at me and smiling while I can see the life drain from their eyes, just because tradition tells us you should be looking at the camera with good posture. No, No, No. I want to laugh and play. I want you to run and jump and dance. A good picture to me is looking into your significant other's eyes and being able to see all the love that exists between you two. 


If all of this sounds Gucci let me know, and we can hang out and celebrate together. 


If you want to learn more about me and see my most recent photoshoots head over to the "Blog" tab. If you still have questions about prices you can head to the "Investment" tab or if you have more questions for me you check out the "Ask Meredith" tab or better yet, send me a message at the "Say Hello" tab. I can't wait to celebrate with you. Until then, 



Top 5 finalist for Pitch Magazine’s “Best KC Photographer 2018”

Voted one of Kansas City’s Best Photographers by JustsayIdokc.com

Nominated through EA Bride Vendor Awards for Rising Star, Trailblazer, and Best Photographer in KC 2018.

My work has been featured on


EA Bride Magazine

Oh Lovely Day Magazine

Midwest Love Stories

Wedding Pioneer KC 

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The Exchange Venue

Kansas City Marriott Plaza Hotel

Deep Intimate Lovers 

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Creighton University Alumni Magazine 

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Finalist for Pitch Magazine’s Best Kansas City Photographer 2018