Morgan and Spencer, Engaged

Morgan and Spencer are new friends, and they went out on a limb to work with me. They trusted the recommendation of a friend and booked with me off of that recommendation. I also got to mentor that same friend when he joined us at the shoot, which reminded me how much I love mentorship and education in general. 

These photos are some of the first photos I have taken since switching to RAW format (I know I know I am crossing the finish line late) and I love what it does to the photos. All the editing I have done in the past has been meant for RAW photos but I have been adjusting them as much as possible to work on a JPEG format. I can't even believe I went without this for so long. The colors are deeper and rich, they highlights are easier to manipulate and for some reason the photos just look more intimate and close. 

Thank you so much for trusting your friend and for trusting me to play with a darker film editing style while still including some light and airy edits as well.