Shelby and Cody, Engaged.

I walked into our local coffee shop, a little scared out of my mind. Shelby and Cody were an amazing couple, my ideal couple actually. They were exactly the kind of people that I wanted in my portfolio and in my life. I am pretty sure I asked the same questions like 100 times, but they continued to smile and sip coffee with me, laughing at my nervous jokes and paper fumbling. As I settled in to our new relationship I began to admire Cody and Shelby quite a bit. Watching them together is amazing, they are so tender and so close. Not just in proximity to one another but how they think and speak, they are so in tune it was amazing. I also saw a lot of my relationship with Trevor in their relationship which is always so amazing to see. Loving my boyfriend makes me love how others love each other even more. 

Shelby said she wanted open fields with untamed grass and that is exactly what she got, I just don't think she thought there would be cows on it as well (thank goodness for photoshop). I have loved this property ever since I was little and finally found a way to get on it, and this beautiful land did not disappoint. I loved that Shelby whipped off her shoes first thing and got her toes right into the water. Bonus points for not falling. I just love these two and I am so excited to a part of their big day and their lives for as long as they will have me. Enjoy these amazing photos.