Meredith Mondays Pt 12.

When I impulsively quit my masters program a few weeks ago, I truly thought my days would consist of clear and focused work, working out, healthy meals, and a lot of clarity. Turns out that reality only exists on Instagram. While I love rolling out of bed and editing photos in a bathrobe until noon, there are a lot of other things that come with working from home that I didn't see coming. So I present to you the five things no one told me about working from home. 


1.) You can and will sleep until 10:00 everyday if you don't set a clear wake up time, and then you WILL freak out when its 5:00 o’clock and you have only completed 1/4 of your to do list for the day. The first week I started working from home, I thought I would be SO zen and let my body wake up naturally, because at that time it was waking up at 8:00. Well 8:00 turned to 8:30 and 8:30 turned into a panic attack as I shot up awake at 10:30 and I didn’t know what day of the week it was. Routine helps me so much now that I am working form home. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I am up and at the gym by 8:00, every other day its 8:00 o’clock and then right to work. 


2.) You will not just HAPPEN to cook a healthy meal out of the blue. You will sit at your desk eating Cheerios until its actually time for dinner at 6:00 o’clock. Its true, other than my Herbalife shake in the morning I can eat like a 12 year old if don’t stop myself. One day I had nachos, Cheerios, and a Sprite, and I am 22 years old damn it. Now I am forcing myself to take an hour break for lunch and actually cook something hot (when I say cook I mean microwave because lets be honest I am just a baby adult after all). 


3.) It’s pretty lonely. I stay in my room alone for the majority of the week. Granted I am in constant communication online and with my tribe over text messages, but I don't actually see another human all day. I think one day I was actually shocked to hear my voice when my sisters kitten crawled up the leg of my jean. I yelped and then looked around for where the noise came from. I went from only interacting with people at my old bank teller job, to only venturing outside on the weekends for photoshoots and time with family. I have tried to remedy that by building a community of other entrepreneurs that are my age and adulting at my level (Just sat and growled at my computer for like 5 minutes because my typing program still doesn’t recognize that as a true verb). I have coffee dates and appointments to meet up and get out of my room for at least a little bit every week. 


4.) Dividing up work and things you need to do around the house is actually pretty difficult. Remember that book, When You Give a Mouse a Cookie? I am the mouse. One time I made my bed, but I saw some dirt on the floor so I decided to sweep. When I went and got the broom, I saw the dusting stuff, so I grabbed that too. When I was dusting my book shelf, I realized I had a ton of books I could give away so cleaned off the shelf. That felt good so I decided to purge my closet and before I knew it I had a spotless work place, but the album I needed to finish was still open in photoshop and I had a feeling my client was not going to be as enthused about my clean room as I was, while they still didn't have their product. The answer to most of these problems is to plan, so now I clean at certain times during the day and then I tell myself I have to go to the “office” like a normal person. 


5.) You won’t look in a mirror like ever. I am so glad I started working from home because it means that I save a ton of money on make up (which is actually something I really love to do). What I am not glad about is the other day my friend came over unexpectedly while I was taking the dogs out and they found me in a bath robe, with nike slides on, hair that hadn't been washed in a few days, sans pants (don’t worry I tie my bathrobe shut I am not a heathen), and pleading with my dog to go to the bathroom so I could get back to work. The universe would call that a wake up call. I used to love putting on make up and designing outfits to go to work at the bank, even if I got torn apart by a customer I always knew that my winged eyeliner was so sharp I could stab them. I have started to make myself shower, put on pants with a button, and do my make up at least three times a week. 



Hopefully I will do a more positive 5 things you learn from working at home down the road but for now its full of dirty hair, Cheerios, and bathrobes. 


Until next time,