Miranda, Cody, and Harper.

I began to rethink my decision as I held little Harper and my feet began to slip in the mud. The hill I asked this family to climb down was about a 90 degree drop, and I looked over my shoulder at Miranda climbing down in a beautiful dress. I yelled up, "If you think this is too much then we SO don't have to do it!" She caught my eyes and firmly said "Oh I'm getting down there." I am really bad at really loving the preview photos and then loosing passion to edit the rest of the session, but this photoshoot, and more of my photoshoots lately, captivate me from start to finish. I was excited to edit everything and I love every photo in the batch. 

I am so glad to have met this little family, who braved water, snakes, and mud to get the perfect shot. Miranda and Cody, when you describe this experience please don't skip out on telling them how stupid some of my ideas sounded but how good the end product looks.