Meredith Mondays Pt 14

On Thursday I sat at my new computer, mostly wasting time by creeping on other photographers, trying to come up with a topic to talk about for this coming Monday, because I know with the marathon this weekend I will have zero time to be creative. I scrolled through the list of topics I have in my phone and nothing really said TYPE ABOUT ME I AM A WINNER. I thought to myself well this is stupid, I have built my business off of staying true to who I really am, not sugar coating things, cussing when appropriate, and telling you guys what is really going on my life. So, that being said, there is one thing I have been wanting to try and this will be the first attempt at this genre. I do get questions sometimes, not a lot but sometimes, about elements of my life outside of photography, like where I shop what makeup do I buy etc. I have always really enjoyed reading fashion blogs and and following influencers, so I thought why not. I have made some purchases recently that I LOVE and they came from the most unexpected places that I really wanted to share with you guys. So maybe I will title these types of posts “my latest impulse buys” or “Meredith has no impulse control” something cuter than that, but essentially this is a post about buying cute stuff for cheap at stores that may not be on your regular shopping list. 


First up, I am a sweater person. Sometimes I really think if I look down my throat hard enough there will be a little old lady in there armed to the teeth with knitting needles. I go through spurts where I buy yarn and knit everyone I know something for Christmas, I used to do it in college when I had panic attacks. I even went so far as importing pounds of wool from Ukraine so I can arm knit a huge and fragile blanket (I laugh at the customs agent in Kiev who thought, “da fuq is this, these stupid American girls.” YES IT MAY BE STUPID BUT MY INSTAGRAM IS POPPIN WITH MY NEW BLANKET.)  Needless to say if I were advanced enough to knit myself sweaters, you can bet I would never wear anything else. One half of my closet is literally black and gray, and most of those things are sweaters or things to layer with sweaters. This sweater came from Dress Barn, which is now titled Roz and Ali, and girl DON’T SLEEP ON THIS STORE. They have completely rebranded and sell some of the best pieces I have seen this fall. This sweater is all black (like my heart HAH) and it has a thick substantial ribbon lacing together the entire back. I haven't seen ANYTHING like it, and maybe its because I don’t get out much, but I stinking love it. All of my other sweaters are jealous. 

Now that I am seeing these pictures I realize that my jeans are, once again, too big. 

Now that I am seeing these pictures I realize that my jeans are, once again, too big. 



Okay this next one(s), really threw me for a loop. Like so much loop I could have been a shoelace (I floated that joke by my family and no one understood it but I have faith in my readers that you will get it). We were at Walmart to buy panty hose for my sister for a big wedding we attended at Union Station, and as I walked by the shoe section at WALMART (YES I KNOW, YOU READ IT RIGHT) I nearly fell as I caught these boots out of the corner of my eye. Now, my general philosophy in life is to support small business owners in ANYTHING that I can, except for one area: Shoes. I have been called Big Foot, Duck Feet, and Ski Feet for as long as I can remember. On a good day I wear an 11, but sometimes if the shoe gods are feeling extra cruel I need a 12. So ANYWHERE I can find shoes that fit, I buy on the spot, even if it is supporting a big conglomerate. Not that I needed more brown ankle boots (this is a lie I ALWAYS need brown ankle boots) but they were SIXTEEN dollars. They feel substantial, they look amazing, AND THEY WERE SIXTEEN DOLLARS SO WHO CARES. I laid two pairs on the conveyor belt and whispered to myself “Treat Yo Self.” The pair with the taller heel I think is also just a larger shoe in general, it isn't cut low like the others which I think makes my legs look longer. The boots with the shorter cut on them definitely accent a few outfits really well, and they are more comfortable than the tall heel. Plus they don't mess with no show socks so your feet come out happy instead of a bloody stump. 


I am throwing these in there with the other boots even though they are name brand, because i am obsessed with them. A lot of girls shy away from mens shoes when they have large feet and I have definitely been that person but these are a mens duck boot from Sperry and they were like 40$ cheaper than the women's version and they honestly look more substantial than the women’s version. I can wear them to fall themed activities that are outdoors (we are fans of outdoor festivals) and they protect my feet so well. I have been wearing them to photoshoots a lot and they are comfortable and I can get into water without coming out with wet toes. 



So, let me be a narcissist for like ten seconds and say I am officially down 25 pounds. YAYAYAYA ME GO ME I DID IT I LOOK A BIT SMALLER YAYAY. Okay **Clears throat** I’m done now. What that really means is that nothing I own fits me any longer, I literally do this weird coal-miner dance/jig to pull up my britches and it embarrasses everyone around me. Sometimes people say it looks like I am wearing a diaper and I have crapped myself (thanks guys, your support means everything). So I finally balled up and went to get new pants. I don't usually go anywhere to buy clothes besides Old Navy, I mean I go other places to get pieces like Dress Barn and TJ Maxx (which reminds me, guys at TJ Maxx for real, get some larger sizes, me and my wide set hips want to love you more but you won’t let me) but for everything else I go to Old Navy. I am going against all of my Old Navy people when I say this but, I am not a fan of the Rockstar Jeans, They stretch out too much and I look like a 90’s Eminem back up dancer in like an hour. What I did end up LOVING were the Curvey Fit jeans and I got three of them. I know what you are thinking, “Damn it Meredith impulse control” to which I say THEY WERE 20$. So my ass will be covered in stylish Denim for the rest of the season. 

Shout out to Dad for being my photographer for this blog post. 

Shout out to Dad for being my photographer for this blog post. 


The last thing I bought that I have LOVED lately is the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe pallet. Anytime one of you guys asks me what's on my eyes, the answer is this pallet. There are TONS of colors and you can basically slay any look with it. Plus the price point is right up my broke-student debt-ally


I hope this answers some questions and inspires people to treat themselves just a smidge this holiday season.


Until next time may your winged liner be sharp, your jeans hug your booty, and your boots be made for walkin’