Meredith Monday Pt. 16

A note to my current brides, 


You guys f****ing rock. Like seriously. I want to put the full cuss word in there because you guys seriously rock so much. Let me tell you why. 25 of you have booked me for 2018 and three of you like me so much you have booked me for 2019, and I HAVE ONLY DONE TWO WEDDINGS. Like I can’t even imagine the amount of faith you guys have in me to book me for the biggest day of your life thus far, off of two weddings and a ton of engagement sessions, plus some of myself and my horse/cat. When I think about that it just makes my mind go blank because I can’t comprehend all of the amazing things I want to say to you guys. So if you have booked a wedding with me this post is dedicated to you guys. I want you to read this and feel comforted that you have made the right choice, while I haven’t done dozens of weddings, I have worked with a ton of people in love and these are the promises I want to make to you after being around all that love. 


1.) I am going to give you my full attention. This is a big deal to me you guys. I carefully stepped my toe into the wedding industry, and then I got in up to my knees, and now I fully adrift in whatever metaphorical body of water this is. After working in photography for two years, it is SO clear that this is my calling. Couples and love get me in a way that no other type of photography does, I feel like my work shines the most when its of two people hanging out together and enjoying how much love is between them. My soul is excited about engagements and weddings and since this is my first year, that excitement is unbelievable. You guys have my full attention on your wedding day because I am just so enthusiastic about this line of work. I don’t know how I will feel after ten years of being in the wedding industry, I hope I still love every minute of every day, but for now it is all so new and I am so excited to grow with you guys. 


2.) I am team bride. I think its terrible that people get labeled a bridezilla because often I think its easier to label someone as irrational rather than listen to why they are upset. Its your damn wedding and you are literally investing in me to be a part of that day so I am ready to make your dreams come true, to listen to you, to go the extra mile, and to make sure you are heard on your big day. Some people will read this and say “Meredith you are inviting these people to walk over you, you have to set boundaries.” My response to them is that I am working with brides that I trust not to do that, my ideal client won’t throw and break things on the day of the wedding, running over me won’t even be a thought for her. 


3.) I value you and your significant other. I read a lot of other photographers saying that planning their own wedding will help them in planning someone else’s, that they totally get what its like and have like this magic spell that will fix all of your problems. I haven't planned my own wedding yet so after I have I may have all the answers and can help you with your day, but I seriously doubt it. When photographers say that, I think, “Well ya, you can offer some advice, but your day is, and was supposed to be, different than their wedding wasn’t it?” While I am not in the stage of my life yet (LITERALLY ANY DAY NOW TREVOR :D) I do get one thing, which is being in love with your best friend. I hope when you walk down the isle you are looking at the face of your best friend too, because I get that. I so get that. I love being around this industry because I get to see what I have with Trevor in other people and its absolutely amazing. So while I can’t complain with you about missing linens or dry wedding cakes, I can sit with you and tell you what I see when your soon to be husband or wife looks at you and how amazing I know everything will be after the day is over and you begin life with your best friend because I am so excited to do the same thing. 


4.) This is my jam. I said before I love weddings and engagements and I MEAN it. I think I am strongest in photographing the raw and real emotions between a couple so being there on your wedding day is my bread and butter. I honestly get more scared for surprise engagements because the bride usually has no idea whats going on. The day of the wedding its not like people are surprised that you got to the alter and produced a ring. Everyone knows what's going to happen (unless we have a Ross, Rachel, and Emily situation from Friends the TV show, in which case we can work out a discount or something). But I am there to do what I do best in my opinion and I hope that gives you confidence in me. 


Well that's it. I didn't really have a plan when I started writing this, so it may not make any sense or be organized I just had to lay out some thoughts for you guys because I really am so grateful for the 25 of you taking a chance on me. 


Until next time,