Shannon and Warren, One year of being In love.

These two. Oh these two. Another photoshoot that started with a chorus of "we aren't photogenic, we will need serious help, I hope you can pose us." Anytime I hear that I automatically think challenge accepted. I hope posting these photoshoots of "not photogenic" people give people hope that, as long as you are in love, you will photograph well. I just need you to love holding hands with the person you are with, I need you to love running and jumping into their arms, and playing with your children or dogs. That makes my job easy. 

Shannon and Warren invited me into their home and more importantly they invited me to pet any dog or cat I could get my hands on. They trespassed with me, they danced, jumped, and hiked a bit. Warren even told us he would sacrifice his body to protect us from rogue frisbee golfers. Laughing with these twos may be my new favorite past-time. Take a look at their sun drenched photoshoot.