Hayley and Alex, Engaged.

While I have done weddings before, this will go down in history (in my mind) as the first biggest wedding I have ever done. Hayley and Alex as a couple, are just phenomenal. Our engagement session felt more like three friends hanging out rather than a day on the job for me. The property we went to, which was Alex's family farm, took my breath away. It even had super friendly kitties, which for those who know me, is my weakness. I left them all there, much to my disappointment, but other than that the day was perfect. We also visited their college campus and I can't tell you how shocked I was that this place existed. It felt very southern, with large brick architecture, fountains, and magnolia trees. Needless to say I am ready to pack up and head south whenever my clients want me too. Last note on locations, I love ending a session with blazing sunset light in an untamed field. The glow off of grass, just hits me right in the heart.  I can not wait to photograph their big day next year. Love you guys!