Meredith Monday's Pt. 15

So its been a while since I have just wrote a blog post with updates for you guys about life and my business and what a better time to do so than in the thick of my busy season. 


Updates: This is the first time that I have really had a busy season and I will be 100% honest when I say I wasn’t expecting this amount of traffic. I don’t want that to sound like I am boasting, I really just didn't expect it to be like this. Here are a 15 thoughts I have actually had during this busy season. 



1.) Okay I need to cut down on my sessions a bit, how can I do that? Oh okay, “Everyone with a dog can stay but anyone without a dog needs to reschedule” 


2.) This person looks really cool and I really want to work with them and get them fall pictures. Okay so if I skip showering and eating and cut back on sleep to about 2 hours a week I think I can fit in one more session and at least 3 more mental breakdowns. 


3.) I used to like fall but now all I see is decaying trees and circles under my eyes. 


4.) Just kidding I'm outside again I f***ing love fall **Crunches leaves with fall booties** 


5.) Does everyone expect me to have every cute flannel blanket ever put on Pinterest? Like that ish is expensive. 


6.) Why are all of these photographers talking about their seasons winding down when I on the other hand have gone through 20394579348 SD cards and two mental break downs? 


7.) Okay client meeting today, I’m going to do my make up different and really wow my clients with my poise and ability to blend my crease. **Does the same warm smokey eye I have done the past twelve months and puts on the same sweater and jeans from yesterday** 


8.) Okay one more cup of coffee for this client meeting, you got this. **Heart beats erratically and threatens to stop all together but can’t because of the caffeine coursing through my body** 


9.) I am the cartoon ostrich that wants to dig a whole and stick its head in the ground. 


10.) Good another succulent died, just a visual reminder that I am barely keeping myself alive let alone the small living things around me. 


11.) Go out and do some yoga and calm down then go back to editing. **Lays on back and scrolls through Pinterest instead** So Zen. 


12.) Ya no, just keep telling people that December is a good month for photoshoots and we will deal with it later. 


13.) I guess its okay to play my Michael Bublé Christmas Pandora station now while I edit, because there was a Petco commercial on this afternoon and the guy was wearing a Santa hat. 


14.) Just one more episode of Stranger things and then I will be productive **As if I haven’t been watching it all afternoon and stalking Joe Keery’s Instagram all morning** 


15.) I see other photographers drink wine while they edit. That must be the secret. Drink a ton of wine and then send buzzed emails back to my clients and turn everyone into an Oompa Loompa in Lightroom. 


For those of you who actually read the book, The Crucible, I was starting to feel like the guy who was pressed to death, and every stone was a new client or appointment. For those of you who didn't read the book or just watched parts of the movie (shame on you) Giles Corey refuses to cooperate with the courts after being accused of witchcraft. To get him to name names or do ANYTHING helpful, they press him to death in the town square by laying one stone at a time on his chest until they squish him. It may sound dramatic but I was and am Giles Corey, you know without the accusation of witchcraft (but hey who knows, I am still young it may happen). It was hard to decide I was going to quit taking appointments honestly, I want to work with everyone but I knew that if I kept taking appointments I would start to speed through my sessions that have been on the calendars for months, and that is not what I am all about. I also quit offering minisessions as a permanent package a little bit sooner than I had planned. Before you grab your torch and pitch forks just know that I will still offer them but SEASONALLY. It really is a scheduling situation, I had so many mini sessions (which I still pour a lot of myself into and take a lot of time on despite the shooting and picture limitations) and I was unable to schedule meetings with wedding clients and engagement sessions for those clients because of the large amount. By putting them into one day I think I can manage to schedule everyone that wants fall pictures and still keep a low price point. 


Exciting things for the Holidays 

THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO TELL YOU GUYS. I have been hinting about it for months now and I am so excited that it is getting closer. In November I will be doing a HUGE giveaway (like 900$ worth of stuff kind of huge) because I love you guys SO SO much. I can’t give everyone what I want to (because I would be a broke hoe) so I have decided to do one big give away for a lucky winner. Its going to have Kendra Scott jewelry, a huge Michael Kors bag with a Michael Kors wallet, some Lipsense, Free gym sessions, maybe some essential oils, I am just so stoked. I will be announcing that soon, so please be ready for it! 

I am also almost ready for an amazing collaboration with a girl that I admire SO much. She literally is all the goals wrapped into one. Basically what we will be doing is putting together a seasonal look book for my clients and her readers so that when my clients ask “What should we wear?” I have this really organized tool for you guys to look at and get ideas. She is update on all the trends and where to shop, plus she is just so cool. So that first edition will be a Christmas/Winter one and I am literally so excited to add her to my informal team I could cry, scream, and hug her all at once. Hopefully this edition will inspire some of the folks that didn't get a fall session to look at a winter session, because I am all about scarves, puffy coats, wind, and snow. I haven’t seen hardly anything like this with the people that I follow so I am so excited to offer something new. 


Until next time, 



Enjoy this picture of my horse because I was too damn busy to take a photo that actually made sense. 

Enjoy this picture of my horse because I was too damn busy to take a photo that actually made sense.