Aspen and Jeremiah, Engaged.

In certain romantic comedies there is a moment that one of the characters recounts the moment they knew they were in love with their significant other. Its usually a slow mo flash back where they have cheaply changed hair dos and are laughing at a dimly lit bar or restaurant. Well the moment I knew I was in love with Aspen and Jeremiah looked exactly the same. We had been going on two hours at the coffee shop we met at and I am not entirely sure that we had even covered wedding related things at that point. 

For their engagement session we went to a nature reserve and what I thought would be an easy walk, turned into a two hour hike, that I was woefully unprepared for. Oh, bonus, Jeremiah walks at exactly a pace of 4 mph or some weird crap like that. So I spent the majority of the day watching them walk ahead of me and fending off an asthma attack. Despite their love for physical activity I couldn't be happier to be in on their big day. They are the absolute best, and they have welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts. I can't wait to photograph your big day. Give my love to Jr.