Colten and Amelia, Engaged.

I was editing (too many) preview photos the night after I worked with Colten and Amelia, and Trev was listening to songs on the bed behind me. The one came on, that I was really listening too, caught my attention at the exact right moment. The line was, "Is our love written in the sand or in the stars?" Now I am not a religous person, but things happen for a reason. The Universe gives us signs and rewards energy I think, so if you put out good you get good back, that kind of Zen crap. That song, playing at that exact moment, meant something. Amelia and Colten met by complete chance when she crashed his 21st Birthday. Not having any good gifts immediately at hand Amelia showed up with a single pineapple. Good for Amelia because the pineapple in southern culture is a way to say hello and welcome. So she basically was saying hello to her future and she didn't even know it. I asked Colten when he knew he was in love with her, and he said that very night when she showed up with that pineapple. 

I have always said it, but I will say it again, love comes when you least expect it. It may be late, or early, and it may be holding a pine apple even, but welcome it in.