Tardy Tuesday Blog (Instead of my normal Monday)

My first boudoir shoot started terrible. I literally thought about not doing it, my heart was beating irregularly, I was so stressed out, I was frustrated and getting angry, and that was just trying to get the mattress up the stairs to the studio. I am totally kidding, although my out of shape ass was huffing and puffing after carrying a twin mattress up the stairs twice. It all went very well. I decided that I needed to do a free test shoot to make sure that I had a base to work from when I do my marathon in January, so I did the damn thing. I brought my own mattress, I bought decorations, I hired a makeup artist, and she brought some amazing models. That way I knew that if the photos didn't turn out well, it was my fault, not the beautiful models, the makeup, or the beautiful space. I needed to know that when everything aligned just right, I could do it and do it well. Even though the pictures turned out stunning, that doesn't mean I wasn’t stressed or my usual awkward self. So here are some thoughts I had during my first boudoir session.  


1.) These can’t be the models, they must have just gotten done at her second job of being a Greek Goddess. 


2.) Shit, they don’t even have make up on, and they look amazing. Where is that inner glow coming from? What highlighter is that?


3.) Shit, they are putting on make up and getting even prettier. Is it hot in here? Is my heart even beating? No my limbs are cold I must be dying. 


4.) Okay first one is finishing up should we start shooting? 


5.) Na, your legs are shaking. Make up something about needing the ideas of the collective group. That gives you more time to sit and breathe. 


6.) Do something productive. Okay go through the outfits they picked out. Quit laying them on the floor they like this stuff. Your nervous babbling. You stepped on some underwear, time to fake your own death. 


7.) Okay they both have make up on time to start. What direction to them? “Okay time to take your pants off!” 


8.) Why was that what you chose? They are going to call the cops on you. 


9.) Okay going well. Both of them are freaking gorgeous. Now ask them to do physical labor and move the mattress and couch. 


10.) I wonder what someone would think if they could see in this room? A sweaty photographer, two greek goddess in their underwear, doing manual labor. This is interesting. 


11.) The lace is twisted. The You Tube Video said to always ask if you can touch. “May I touch?” LMAO NOPE There were a million other ways to do that and you chose none of them. 


12.) Na she seemed cool with it. Okay good. Everything looks photogenic. Wait, is that steps on the stairs? CODE RED LOCK THE DOOR. 


13.) Door was already locked so you just ran across the room and sweat for nothing. 

14.) Okay last ideas. You're doing great Meredith. You haven’t made any dad jokes and the models smiled a little bit. 


15.) Okay they are leaving, should I hug? Is it a handshake after I have seen your skivvies? Are we now closer than sisters? Should we get lunch? Ya, no waving is good too. Good wave Meredith. 


All joking aside I want to thank my models very much for their patience and their trust. I can’t believe what a rush it is to post beautiful confident women. I also want to thank my Make Up Artist, she accomplished all the looks I asked of her with grace and then helped me with all the photoshoot needs, like a freaking champ. I would also love to thank my studio hosts, you guys are always amazing hosts and I am so luck to know and love ya. 


I can’t wait to dive deeper into this pool of photography and I want to say one last special thank you to everyone who has jumped on board with me and supported me in the best ways. You guys are amazing, not only do you save me poverty, you give me such a full heart. 


Until Next time,