Meredith Mondays Pt. 18

I was born the day after Christmas so this season is MY JAM. I wait in anticipation every year to begin humming Christmas jingles and wrapping every surface of house in Christmas decorations. If there is a surface without a bow or garland on it, its because it will physically be sat on and no one likes butt imprints on their holiday cheer. So I am super excited to do a gift giving guide. I am going to call this “Things I have bought that don’t suck” in hopes you will buy some stuff that doesn’t suck for your loved ones. I also review my newest lens that I got and thats pretty fun (or at least thats what I have to tell myself to justify selling my kidneys to afford such a nice piece of equipment). I will go from least expensive to most expensive so you can barely spoil someone and then spoil someone so much they are buried under your Christmas cheer. 


First up are candles and I have lost my absolute mind this year with candles. I don’t want to say that I am huffing candles… what I am really doing is sniffing aggressively until the scent swirls around my brain and my eyes go cross for a second. The one I am really loving is Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. THIS IS THE CANDLE TO END ALL CANDLES. This candle would make other candles tap out after 1 minute in a candle octagon fight. She is fragrant, she is beautiful, she makes you feel like you are a baby cookie being tucked into a warm bed by a momma cookie. And best of all she burns down evenly, so you don't have to go hacking way at the wax to make sure all of it melts the same and doesn’t look gross. Go when they are on sale at 12.00$ and you can buy a ton of them and burn them all the time and feel like that little baby cookie all the time. Be careful you will have to go toe to toe with some soccer moms that are filling up their car seats with candles and soaps instead of children. I threw some elbows and I am just fine so think aggressive. 


Next is this boujie cup. I didn’t have a reason for buying it besides the fact that I have no self control, it is rose gold, and I am a slave to capitalism. It was like $20 and I look fancy drinking out of it so it could be the perfect gift for someone else who desires fancy drinking receptacles too. 


Love your melon hats. I bought a lot of these for myself and then Megan got me another one for my birthday but I love each one individually. They are the perfect slouchy beanie, they fit my big ass head, they hide my hair when I haven't gotten ready in days, and they look amazing in photoshoots. AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY WARM. I cant stress this enough, they actually cover your ears and serve a purpose. I have them in maroon, black, white/speckled gray, and then a new creamy white one with a big black poof on top (its a bit extra but SO CUTE). Plus this is a company that gives back to charity which makes me feel a bit better as I hold my bank account down and forcibly rip away $30 more dollars to pay for my fourth hat. 


Big letter board. I have been in the midst of redecorating my room for a year now and this is something I am super excited about. Now I too can post trendy and aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram. At $50 this shows someone you care enough to drop a little coin and that you want them to be trendy on Instagram too, but not enough to buy them something that needs love like a dog, or commitment like a wedding ring (was this a bad scenario? Eh I will roll with it). The urge to just write cuss words on is so over powering though, I can't help it if “Damn it” looks good written on a letter board. 



The Jaclyn Hill Brush Collection from Morphe. I know this one jumps from $50 to $155 and some people are like “Shit what about the people we like more than a cup but not enough to sell our souls for brush sets?” Hear me out. These brushes are amazing and its literally every brush you will ever need. I already have some in the collection so I am going to package those repeat brushes up and give them away as gifts for other people. Its basically treat yo self and being a good person so thats a win for everyone. At the time of writing this I thought I would already have the brushes but I am still here waiting on them, and that sucks, but I am still super excited to get them. I already know the quality of the brushes as I am a frequent buyer (with very little self control) so I can for sure say it is still a good buy. 


Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. This is a gift that you will have to give your wife or husband if you love them dearly, you did something like shave the dog funny or crash the car and need to make up for it, or if you have been really good all year and need it for your camera collection **coughs and points at self** I had some trouble with this lens when I first got it because it needed to be calibrated to my camera but the ones that were in focus are worth every penny. The subjects are crystal clear and the small details around their figures are easier to pick out especially at sunset, and everyone who works with me knows I love baby hairs that catch sunlight so this lens speaks to my heart directly. It also just feels good, its got a good weight to it, its super sharp, and it just feels like it compliments my current camera very well. The calibration process was a bitch though, I will not lie. I think I actually sat on the ground, huffed real loud, and told Trevor I was going to jump off the roof. All drama aside, after I made some small adjustments the pictures are freaking amazing and I probably won't ever take this lens off again. 


For my photography friends out there, I put a Spider Holster and Pocket Wizard remotes on my list for my birthday and for Christmas so I am super stoked to get those. 


Have a happy holiday friends, remember to treat yo self and treat others with kindness this Holiday Season. 


Until next time,