Meredith Mondays Pt. 3

My family’s sense of humor is… Unique. We are just as at home watching late night political commentary as we are watching Ron White. We love old, off color, comedy movies like Young Frankenstein, The Blues Brothers, Christmas Vacation, and the Blue Collar Comedy Special with Jeff Foxworthy. So that explains the lovely photo I posted with this blog and on my Instagram, it is not my most flattering picture but if I’m being honest it is not my worst either. Moreover, it served a purpose, because it got you to my blog post and I think this one is kind of important. I was listening to some business development seminars this week and one of the topics was communicating to your ideal client, the concept of who your ideal client is. And because my family loves off color humor all I heard in that exact moment was, “You might be a Red Neck if,” except it sounded a lot like “You might be my perfect client if.” I was flooded with all of these qualities that my past clients have had, as well as what I hope to see in my new clients, so that we are the most perfect matches that we can be. If this blog post sounds a lot like you, then please please, reach out.


So lets begin my first comedy special, “You Might Be My Perfect Client If.” 


You might be my perfect client if, you love un-posed photos. To be honest I get a little uneasy when people stare at me through my camera lens with tons of teeth showing and eyes that are trying to hide the pain of the cheek cramp they are getting. I don’t want to take your mug shot, I want to take your actual picture and my definition of picture may be different than everyone else’s. My favorite pictures are of reactions and pure emotion. Like the first time I got a toy construction crane for Christmas and I got to wear the matching hard hat. Or my sister’s reaction when she was a baby and my dad put a pair of her pants on his head while doing laundry. Or the worried looks in the eyes of the petting zoo attendees as they watch me balance four bunnies in my arms. Those are the moments that mean something and those, I bet, are the moments you want to remember. And yes, those pictures legitimately hang in the halls of my home.


You might be my ideal client if, you want to romp around outdoors. Indoor photography definitely has its place, but I prefer to be outside, with the sunset, the bugs, the wind, the animals, and the foliage. If you panic because there’s a bit of mud on your outfit or shoes, we may not be the perfect match, although I solemnly swear to edit out any outrageous stains, scouts honor.


You might be my ideal client if, you want your animal in the pictures with you. Animals rock, am I right? I know you are all behind your computer screens nodding, don’t lie.


You might be my ideal client if, you value pictures and my service. I am not the JC Penny Portrait Studio person. I don’t do bargain rates and I don’t try to under price my competitors because I know someone else will always offer a cheaper services and products than I do. I know what my prices are and I know how they compare to other photographers in my area. I also know, that I will work with you to make sure your package is perfect for you as a person. I also know that I look for photographers of my caliber in that same price range for my own photography needs. I know that I work like a dog to make sure your product will change your life in a small way and keep you coming back to me for years to come.


You might be my ideal client if, you like getting snarky texts from me or responding completely in GIFs or Memes. I am not just someone you hire to do a service. I want to be friends. I want to text you a picture of my computer screen when I find a hilarious, mouth half open, eyes unfocused photo of you or a loved one, and laugh about it with you. I want to wish you happy birthday and say how amazing your kiddos are growing up. I want to ask for pictures of your new dog and I want to talk about your vacations and your dreams.


So if you come away from this post knowing that you are my ideal client based off of those characteristics mentioned above, then great. Let’s work together as soon as possible. If you came away from this wondering why in the hell I chose this for an entire blog post, well at least you got to see what I might look like with facial hair ;)

Until next time,