Maizey and Derrick, Married

I was so nervous to post these photos, like sat at my keyboard with shaking hands kind of nervous. I have spent weeks looking at all of the same faces, retouching, redoing some photos, all leading up to this moment. I was thinking about calling my mom so that she could essentially tell me to press the button and quit being a baby, but I panicked and hit the post button quickly. All that, and I get a text from the bride asking where the photo of both families all together were. OH WELL, that picture is in the works now. Hey, as I always say, I'm not perfect and I never claim to be. This wedding has been so amazing for me and the couple has a lot to do with it. They are every photographer's dream, they have a sense of humor, they aren't paranoid or rude, they wanted to have fun and get to know me just as much as I wanted to get to know them. It also goes without saying that Maizey, Derrick, and Presley are all stinkin' adorable. I am a better person and photographer after meeting them and I can't thank them enough for the opportunity!  Take a look at their amazing day.