Meredith freaking Mondays Pt. 5

Hey friend. How’s your Monday? Mine’s going okay. You can currently find me seated at my desk with Frank Sinatra radio in the back ground, sipping on some too-hot-tea (sorry taste buds), and trying to pretend I didn’t do serious damage to my abs at the gym this morning by doing core for the first time in three months. Take a moment to laugh at the thought of me on the ground at the gym pretending like my teardrops are not tears but sweat drops. I just wanted to check in with you guys, there isn’t a huge message to this post but I am withholding sneak peaks of the styled shoot I did this weekend, because I am kind of an ass and want to channel more people to my website. I also want to thank everyone for reading my last blog post. It was hard to write, hard to read, and hard to share with everyone. What wasn’t hard was all the people that reached out to me and thanked me for being honest. I was not expecting that and it really moved me, so everyone who reached out and liked, thank you. It helped others and myself and that’s the important thing. So sit tight, read some updates, and navigate my over use of parentheses, there will be beautiful pictures at the end I promise.


Since I last checked in, I started my masters program at UMKC. I have been asked SO many times why I am still pursuing a masters in Public Admin when I have a thriving client base and consistent work, and the answer sucks because I simply don’t have one. Certain days I am so enthused at the possibility of running a government entity or heading up an NGO or Non profit, other days I try and pretend I haven’t ceased all cognitive function during my Research Methods class (I haven’t taken a math class since senior year of high school so you can imagine the amount of anxiety and dread my calculator and I have right now). I still don’t have any clue what I want to do with my future, but classes are alright. I have always been good at school so being back in a class room with old professors, pushing us to read diverse news medias, is familiar and welcomed territory. I did however get a little miffed when I had to do a fill in the blank pre test (ya, I know its supposed to be a masters class but the professor is old and snarky so I let it slide) and chose to write “Legitmacy” instead of “Power” when asked, “What is the term used to describe when a nation has the necessary tools and capacities to rule and be recognized by the people within?” I could have made a very good argument for my answer but I would have been THAT girl again, and I didn’t want that. Did I lose you? If your eyes are glazed over, I swear this part is over and you can blink again.


I went to a retreat this weekend and it was amazing. The instructors had clear vision and had put a lot of planning into the activities and didn’t deviate from the schedule, which is honestly more appealing to me than a pick up line. “Hey girl, want to see a perfectly curated itinerary and sip a mild alcoholic drink?” UHM YES, I AM YOURS. I got to participate in a BEAUTIFUL styled shoot and those images are **insert fluffy photographer adjective here** The retreat also gave me some really stinkin’ cool ideas that are going to benefit my followers, ‘cus I just love you guys. There will be a give away VERY soon that everyone will want in on so keep that in mind cus hey, momma loves ya. I’m not kidding this give away would be like if Adele came to my house and said she loved my singing voice. I’m that excited. I also am inspired to created my own styled shoot and I have already started reaching out to venues to see who wants to participate. If anyone knows of someone who wants rad pictures of their work, hit me up and then hit them up, I would love to work with some amazing local artisans and give them amazing pictures. The idea of publishing also came up and I was naïve enough to think that publishers came to you, but that my dear heart is not the case. So I am going to pull up my big girl pants and lay my heart out there for everyone to rip to shreds **little emoji of upside down smile-guy** I also asked the instructors really honestly, what they thought I should do in my situation, and they both said quit. My earth and heart rumbled and cracked a bit, but I am still going to complete this semester and reevaluate at Christmas time.


My mini shoot is coming up and I have an exclusive partnership with a bakery so people should be excited for the food and venue alone, because I know I will be nom nom noming (really a word or no? asking for a friend…) behind the camera. I hope you all enjoy inaudible instructions from a photographer with a cake pop in her mouth. THIS IS BIG SO REALLY READ THIS PART, it may be bad timing but I am setting up another mini shoot at the end of November with an antique Christmas theme which will be AMAZING for all of your Christmas cards. That way anyone who didn’t get a spot this time can come on back. Yes, I hope there will be Christmas cookies. Yes, I will play classic Christmas music. Yes, I love Christmas too much. September is a PACKED month for me. Like I have no other spots available. Like I lose sleep a little bit every night worrying about my workload (as always love you guys though, and who needs sleep when you’re doing what you love?). I have brides, couples, families, and a super rad senior with amazing eyebrows (I know, I’m already dying from excitement too). All that and my masters classes are in full swing, so everyone send me a little love (I accept good thoughts or small trinkets, you know either or).


Alright, the moment you have been waiting for. Thanks for making it to the end. I promise it is worth it. Here are the exclusive sneak peaks from the styled shoot I did this weekend at the Exchange Venue in Camdenton Missouri (Yes there were a TON of references to the Netflix Original Series “Ozark”). The beautiful flowers are from Old World Creations and the model (which also includes hair and make up which I didn’t think was possible but that lady is just amazing) is Ashley Wills. Enjoy friends.

Until next time,