Christina and Zachary, in love and married another year.

Christina reached out to me through Facebook and of course the first thing I do is creep on Facebook profiles. I could not believe how cute her and her little family were, so I immediately said yes. Now, for the majority of my shoots I have control over the location and the ideas which is totally fine, I love being creative, but Christina had a trove of ideas ready to share and it was so awesome. I really value the input of my client friends and without her ideas, I wouldn't have known this bridge existed. I was a French minor in college and seeing all the love locked on to this bridge brought me back to France when I walked along one of the most famous lock bridges in history. Since the French have begun to remove the locks, Trevor and I may never get to lock ours in my favorite country, but this would be a beautiful substitute. Also I have never had any small dogs, ever. 40 pounds and up is usually my M.O. but this family had two little puppers and a visiting little pupper, and they were fantastic. They practically stole the show. I can't wait to work with such a creative and driven young couple.