Meredith Mondays Pt. 2

The big elephant in the room is that I completed my first wedding so let’s address that first. I tackled it mostly on my own, but Trev did run a second camera for the moments when I couldn’t physically be in two places at once (Props to you Trev you da realest) and I didn’t vomit like a small excited dog. In short, it was amazing. Choosing my first wedding client was not an easy thing to do, I had said no to quite a few weddings before this one, some required traveling to places like Colorado (stupid choice on my end) and some required way more skill and equipment than I had (not a stupid choice, so go me). This wedding fit every aspect that I was looking for. To start, the couple was amazing; the type of couple that pulls you in and makes you want to crack a cold one and play washers. Maizey conducted herself with the wisdom of 100 grown women and was so calm it literally made me calm. The actual wedding was mostly out doors and it was SO tasteful, the couple (well, lets be real, it was probably just the doing of the lovely bride) appreciated clear glass bottles and wild flowers, which is totally my jam. It also gave me the opportunity to work with lots of people (both big and small) and work in many different wedding situations (i.e. preparation, formal portraits, during ceremony, and reception), which is something that I really wanted to experience. There will be more photos coming I promise, but for now I am putting that notch in my belt, hiking up my britches, and looking hungrily for my next wedding.


I was a life guard for seven years, a swim instructor for four years, and on a swim team for ten years, so I’m pretty comfortable with making a splash **Insert dad-joke-laugh here** which is why I decided to post about my insecurities in the first blog. To counter some of that brute honesty, I thought I would share some things that I love.


1.)  My tribe: While I am introverted, a fact that my friends would love to change, I love my tribe. The people who surround me are a direct reflection of myself, and I would say that I have done pretty damn well. My family is my biggest support system and I am perfectly happy to forgo a night of going out, for a night of watching The Blues Brothers with my fam-bam. I lean a lot and I tend to lean on people that know more about a topic than I do and my friends/ boyfriend are just those people. Math, business, science, marketing, anything that I need an opinion on, they are my first stop. I believe a couple of things whole heartedly, you should try and learn as much as possible about everything, but when you don’t know something or you are wrong you should be the first to admit it. So, my tribe is familiar with the panicked 1:00am text messages asking for help on a topic that I have never experienced before. Shouts to you guys, you deserve sweets and precious gems.

2.)  Animals: Remember that book you probably read in high school, Of Mice and Men? With Lenny, the guy that over pets small animals and eventually people?  I AM HIM. Literally, I will pet anything that stays still long enough to be loved, and some animals even when they are struggling just a bit. During the span of my life I have found AND KEPT four cats, adopted two dogs, bought two horses, bought (and killed) numerous fish (sorry guys) and kept one dwarf hamster alive way past any general expectations of such a small rodent. I hope to one day have a flock of chickens all named after 17th and 18th century women, a pig named Gerald, a domesticated raccoon (Edgar Allen Poe isn’t really an idol, I would say, but he definitely did some cool stuff, like own a raccoon), a goat, lots of big chunky rescue pitt bulls, one corgi, and maybe if I’m super brave, a ferret. So let me save you the time, the answer is “Yes”. Please bring your animal to the photo shoot, as long as I get to hold it.

3.)  Aesthetics: This one is a bit complicated but that is the only word I can think of to describe it. I love it when things look simple and earthy. I am inexplicably drawn to just the look of those places and things. I love neutrals (my closet is basically a spectrum of black to white, but don’t blame me I was raised by a lawyer) and exposed wood, so basically any trendy coffee shop. I also LOVE to decorate with living plants, my pride and joy right now is my philodendron, who has finally forgiven me for the over dose of Vitamin D it got on our last out door field trip. Unfortunately, I also kill almost everything that I love with regards to plants, luckily I am having better luck with actual animals.

4.)  Trashy reality television: I know, I know, I know. I should like watching CSpan and the History Channel, but instead I live for Keeping up with Kardashians, all the Teen Moms, and Jersey Shore. I can’t help it, it’s fascinating to me despite the complaints of everyone around me.

5.)  I love anything that transports you back in time. I love reading Hemmingway and the Bronté Sisters, and I could listen to Louis Armstrong, Sinatra, and Fitzgerald for hours. I live for the old districts in Paris and art museums, old movies and jazz music, old cities and stories, getting flowers from boys (or a boy, Trevor is studying Biology in college but could do some serious damage as a florist, the boy has mad talent at arranging fresh flowers), all of it. If it can be described as old or classic I probably dig it (like old, outdated sayings for example).  

6.)  Food: I cycle through things terribly. I become obsessed with certain things for weeks or months and then I can drop them like I never had an interest. Food tends to be one of those things. Right now I am craving Jolly Time Pop corn but in the past its been plain white bread and salsa, cheese quesadillas, lime flavored Tostitos chips, cheerios, cherries, zucchini, mandarin oranges, apple cider, the list is long and strange so I will spare you the details.

7.)  Lastly, I get very particular about holidays and seasons. I was the biggest Christmas disappointment, missing my due date (Christmas day) and coming a full 24 hours later. So I get one time of the year to celebrate the holidays and my birthday, and if there isn’t an appropriate amount of Christmas cheer or snow I can be a bit temperamental. I also protect fall and winter traditions like crazy. I don’t care if its still 80 degrees, I will wear cute boots and jeans to my boyfriends football games and drag my family to fall themed festivals.


There you have it, you know quite a bit about me. If you’ve made it this far, congrats you are a dedicated and kind person. I want to know more about you though so comment some things about yourself that you find interesting because chances are I will find them interesting too. Until next time,