Meredith Monday's Pt. 7

Hey friends. I had an alarm set for 7:30 this morning, and had the BEST of intention of going to the gym. But as they say, the road to hell (or an extra hour of sleep) is paved with the best intentions. So here I am, three snooze-buttons later, having some tea and taking a personal inventory. I am EXHAUSTED. I had my first minisession marathon yesterday with fourteen appointments. Ya, as in ten plus four, almost a baker’s dozen, or fifteen minus one. This was all in addition to the two shoots I had on Saturday. Needless to say I am WIPED. My ankles hurt, by back is tight, my brain is crawling along, but above all my heart is very very full.

I woke up at 7:00 the day of and got to the venue an hour early to set up with Samantha my baker and Megan my assistant/bestfriend, for the first appointment at 10:00. The rest is a blur. I vaguely remember my boyfriend texting me and pleading me not to throw my back out lifting up the couch and props (the same couched I think I moved, oh like 20349283764 times) and trying to eat a subway sandwich, although that may have been a hallucination, not really sure. So this blog post has what I learned from my experience, raves for my assistance and venue, and one photo from every shoot. I woke up this morning and had this crazy idea, “What would everyone think if they got a sneak peak the day after, instead of two weeks from now like I said?” What I basically mean is that I woke up and really wanted to torture myself. But two hours later I have a photo from every session that makes me smile. So sit back, learn from my mistakes, and look at some pretty amazing people.


Lesson one if you’re going to design a minishoot, schedule in break times. This was a rolling schedule, as soon as someone showed up for their shoot they weighted max l ten minutes (except for those few that showed up 30 minutes early and relaxed with Stevie the 7 week old kitten). The next time I do this I will set up 45 minute time slots with 15 minutes of break in between each session. This will give my team time to break down and set up again, and you know eat or go to the bathroom (which I’m not sure I really did the whole day).

Lesson two if you’re going to design a minishoot, know your limits. I was trying to serve the most people I could in one day, and while I enjoyed every minute of it, I think I ended up serving people less. Let me explain. I LOVE getting to know my clients. I want to know their embarrassing stories, how they kiss and hold hands, how they joke and play. 30 minutes simply wasn’t enough time to do that. It was enough time to get some amazing shots, but I learned that I as a photographer need more time to get to know my clients and settle into a comfortable place. So the next time I do this, I will be offering fewer time slots in hopes that I can serve those few clients as best as possible.

Lesson three if you’re going to plan a minishoot, be prepared for surprises. This one I was certainly not ready for. We had planned for some mishaps with relation to kids (when I say this I mean I had a full table of sugary sweets to stop kiddo tears) but I was not ready for the surprise client that booked last minute. I will not tell their whole story, at least not yet, but I was not ready for my heart to be so fully involved with this session. I fell deeply in love with my role as a photographer all over again, but I definitely should have prepared myself to be so emotionally attached some of the most beautiful people I have ever met.


Time to talk about some of my helpers. Number one is Megan. You all will get to know her better as we spend more time together but Megan is a rock star. She has been my best friend for a long while now, and she has jumped head first into the deep end of my business. In the past month she has been to a wedding, a family, a product, a helped ALL DAY with my minishoots. Like she literally didn’t leave my house. Everyone should have a Megan and if you don’t I seriously hope you find one. All of my friends and supporters, like my family who was also present all day (wearing cute matching t shirts nonetheless), are amazing but Megan deserves to know how amazing she is. So Meg, if you’re reading this you are a goddess and I am SO SO blessed to know you. I talk a lot, but right now I am at a complete loss for words for how amazingly instrumental you were.


Samantha, from Crumbs and Confections, is my preferred baker, and man, she went all out. I told her that we were going to push back our arrival time by an hour and she took that extra hour to MAKE DOUGHNUTS. YA JUST WHIPPED EM UP LIKE NO ONE’S BUSINESS. She also stayed all day and helped move furniture, get goodies for kids, direct Pinterest ideas, get the kitten, clean up, and offered the best moral support I could have ever asked from a baker. She is not only an amazing artisan, but she somehow managed to pull off being an amazing friend, baby entertainer, and assistant. When you hire her you don’t just get amazing products, you get an amazing person.


To the owners of Horticulture,

This one is going to be hard to write as well because Zach and Megan are too amazing for conventional speech. All of the props you see in the photos are from their shop which has the most unique feel with some of the best artisan pieces in Kansas City. Some shops in the Bottoms are trying to artificially create the unique atmosphere that Zach and Megan create organically. They are just those kinds of people, unbelievable talented, driven, and creative, all while being genuinely kind. Oh, they also carried a leather couch up two flights of stairs before they even had morning coffee. I can’t even put on pants before morning tea. Zach also came up during the very short lunch period we had and found me sitting on the couch in a daze and gently handed me a Gatorade. Like, true friendship guys. Go see them and their shop; it is also the exclusive retail shop for my dad’s leather goods so that’s pretty neat. Seriously you won’t regret it.


Alright, you guys listened to enough here are some amazing photos. I’ll catch you all later.


Until then,