Meredith Mondays Pt. 8

I’m going to let you in on a secret. A secret not a lot of people on social media or photographers tell you. Instagram is a lie. Well most of it anyway. I've been listening to a few bloggers lately and they talk about this topic pretty often. Hearing it, brought me a strange sense of comfort. I started thinking behind the posts that I admire on Instagram and it changed the way I view everything online. I curate a feed that sometimes is drastically different than my own life. I think everyone does this, and not on purpose, but we tend to post things that are new and or exciting or just plain beautiful. When I don’t have regular contact with you, I take your social medias as a reality. It allows me to to fill in the blanks about what I don’t know about you. I know I do it too. Sometimes its based off of privacy, sometimes I just don’t share the hard stuff on social media with all my other posts. I tend to write about them because its easier to articulate for me. So my feed tends to be stuff I am excited about, like my beautiful clients, cats, or plants. So for today I am going to let you in on the truth behind a lot of the posts you see on my social media. You can follow along with me if you’d like I will be going through some of my most recent posts on Instagram and some stories I have posted lately. 


My first post on Insta, as I write this is, is my most recent engagement clients. This property was a dream come true and exactly what my bride to be asked for. You can't beat that can you? What you don't see is the big black angus cow that was behind them sticking its nose into my camera bag. I had to run out of the creek, nearly tripping in the water, avoid cow patties, flapping my arms like a land bound flamingo, shreaking to get the cow to spare my landscape lens. 

 A few posts later you will see a picture of me in a sunflower field taken by my Photography Sister Elizabeth. It looks candid, as I laugh and hold back my hair. Truth is, the butt of my pants are DIRTY. I sat down my back pack in the dirt of that field and put it right back on, ruining any chance of that white top being cute from the back. Oh, I also changed in the middle of that field hoping the really cute group of elderly women didn’t judge me too hard. 


Look down a little bit further, to the one of Chris and Grace in black and white. Gosh aren’t they adorable? Literally one of the best photoshoots I have ever done. Truth is, I am sinking in up to my ankles in a stagnant pond about to risk life (and most importantly camera) for that shot. I made it out but I smelled and I was sweating A LOT. My media production team was there to film so they got almost ALL of that on film (although they didn’t make me look like the sweat monster so #blessed to have those guys in my life). 


Scroll a bit more, see that picture of my cat in the window? Beautiful picture, right? She’s prettier than most people I know so its not really surprising. The reality is that I had to move 5 books, some trash, lots of papers, an iPad, a yeti, a tissue box, and succulent, another plant called a Mother in Laws Tongue, and a power strip JUST TO SEE HER. So underneath the little edges of that picture you would find all of my mess (cus lets be honest, I am not the cleanest, I’m still working on that). 


Now time for my stories. Does everyone remember me playing with my sisters cat? The tiny little grey fluff ball? Like 2.5 seconds later I was holding him and the furnace turned on he went ballistic (imagine taking a cotton ball and putting an angry little kitten face on it). I am now the proud owner of three long scratches on my chest that get me weird looks at Walmart. You’ve seen my zen corner on my desk in my stories that has a little fountain and a succulent, right? Well I ordered that fountain to help with meditation because I love the sound of running water but IT MAKES NO NOISE. I’m talking zero noise, silent but deadly (and disappointing), Library silent. So, it was a major fail. All those candles you just saw on my story? Those were impulse retail therapy buys. I had to move a new born shoot because I had visited someone in the hospital and I was afraid of exposing the new born to chicken pox. So I went to Homegoods and bought three candles, then I went to Ulta, and lets just say the funeral for my bank account is scheduled early next week. 


Keep this post in mind the next time you really admire someone’s feed. Theres a story behind everything and its not always pretty. Outside the neat edges of those pictures on Instagram is a person. A person that has to question whether or not her hair can go just one more day without a good scrub, a person that wonders how long she can use her bad sleep schedule to avoid the gym, and a person that had to take the cute picture at a coffee shop because she used all of her data watching One Tree Hill (thats totally a shot in the dark, I don't know ANYONE like that **slowly (and sadly) points a single finger in my chest making the puppy dog face**). 


Until next time,