Shane and Tangela, Married

This was my second wedding in the books and I already felt like I had firm ground beneath my feet. The night ended up picture perfect, unusually cool and breezy for our Mid Missouri Summers. The shots that excited me most during the shoot were the sunset bridal portraits, like how lucky were we to have a full field at our disposal and a sunset that kissed the tops of those trees? The couple had also strung Edison bulbs from every tree that made for an amazing evening time lapse photo. Lastly, Tangela danced with her son that night and the photos were heart warming beneath the strings of lights. We all had a great time, dancing, eating tacos from the food truck, and listening to everyones colorful stories about the new couple. With each wedding I become more sure of a few things. First, I am sure now more than ever that I love love. I love hearing the stories, I love the way they look at each other during the toasts, I love the natural ease between two people who are comfortable in their love. Second, I love getting to know these people at weddings. Sure there are stressful times and I worry like a mad woman that my camera will explode into flames and I will have to hide in shame for ever. But everyone at the wedding has a reason to be happy, whether they are reflecting on their own love or on the love of the newly weds. Its just an amazing thing to be a part of. Thank you to this couple for inviting me into your lives so personally. You are amazing.