Meredith Mondays Pt. 6

Hey friends. I shot a wedding last night and I truly have that photography-wedding-hangover. Not that I drank too much (although they did have a margarita machine which was SO cool) but because having to be “on” all day and night to make sure you don’t miss anything, takes all of your energy. So currently, Penny (my cat) and I are sitting in bed, both crying in hopes someone will bring us both food (Cat Chow for her omelet for me, please and thank you). I got to shoot at sunset all last night in the middle of a field and you all already KNOW that is my bread and butter. Those sneak peaks will be hopefully today so be on the look out for more lace and love.


So for this week’s post I asked my followers to submit questions so I could make sure the dialogue flowed from both myself and from my followers (I was going to make a cute creek analogy until my dad reminded me that creeks tend to only flow one way **upside down smile emoji here**). To be honest I was so scared that the only questions I would get would be from my mom, but you all came through and answered my call to action. So, because I am exhausted and can’t think of a cuter intro, let’s jump right in!


Question one: I would love to know how you found your style with consistency. Was it through repetition or just what you personally like? I actually stress about this one a lot, because honestly I am pulled in two different directions. On the one hand I LOVE a good dramatic edit with a film like effect. I love muted and over contrasted black and whites and I love a warm grainy color edit. On the complete other hand, I love a good true-to-color photo that is light and airy (to be honest I accidentally typed “hairy” instead of “airy” the first go around and laughed about it for like 20 minutes). So I find myself editing both ways. I asked an instructor at the retreat I just attended what she thought at first glance and she said that she definitely saw a film consistency throughout my work so that made me so relieved. I would say don’t be afraid to buy a new preset or try a styled shoot with a completely different look. It is the only way that I have learned to develop my editing to show the same consistency. Also, find where you are comfortable shooting. I love the country and I am very comfortable there, so more often than not there is consistency in my photos just because I am in a similar location and I am familiar with how to work posing and lighting in that situation. I hope, this doesn’t sound contradictory, but on the other hand, do whatever you damn well please. You are a creator and I know you are an amazing one at that. So create everything you want and that style will show up, I promise.


Question two: How do you handle confrontations with another professional?  This one SUCKS. There’s no other way around it, because if you are a fellow entrepreneur chances are you are going to take every aspect of your business personally. I have had conflict with other professionals (not many thank goodness) and they were usually based on misunderstandings, so that would be my first step, make sure you really understand the situation. Second, don’t be afraid to block someone and explain why you blocked him or her. I always have to be in the right mindset to start scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and if I can’t guarantee that I am in the right mindset (perhaps because I am angry or jealous) I block them and I can always explain why. Usually the explanation has a lot of honestly, like “I can’t celebrate your success properly, or without feeling like it challenges my own, so until I can accomplish that I shouldn’t be seeing your material.” But, let me be super real, this is a hard topic for me. One of my biggest flaws is my jealousy and my tendency to obsess (just like I do over food and trashy television) and it can really damage my soul because I fixate on negativity. I am whole-heartedly working on it, because lets be honesty, the sun is too bright, my friends are too good, and my cats are too cute to be negative. My last piece of advice is don’t work on it alone. When you find adversity in your field, build yourself up a team. Work with other people who get you and why you do what you do, and you will feel better. For example when I had a problem with another entrepreneur I made an appointment to collaborate with a media production team, then I made an alliance with a baker, and now I am working on a calligrapher. Those people get me and support me and they make up for whatever bad experience I may have with someone else. Make sure those people aren’t afraid to keep you accountable either. They should be close enough to you to say, “Put down the damn phone.”


Question three: What are three things you are grateful for today? I LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH. Okay, so I am grateful right now for my boyfriend. I just got back from Atchison where I got to watch him play football (like I have been doing since we were in 9th grade) and it just makes me so happy (and grateful) that he gets to do what he loves all the time. I am grateful for my friends. My two main best friends are killing it. One serves as my business advisor and wants to meet up to discuss my upcoming plans, and the other is my assistant, and I literally couldn’t do what I do with out them. Third, is random but I got a new huge tree for my room and I haven’t killed it yet so GO FINNEIS THE FIDDLE LEAF FIG. OH I have to add one as I am finishing up editing. My dad just started to sell leather goods in the Westbottoms and he had two sales this weekend. He literally drove down there, mainly to deliver a bag, but I am pretty sure he was hoping he could meet the people who bought his stuff and personally thank them. He’s the best and I am grateful for him and his success.


Question four: What is something that you think everyone should do at least once in their life? I know this is biased and cliché but if you ever get the chance to go to Paris SHUT UP AND DO IT. Sorry that was mean, Please shut up and do it. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, like strolling along the Siene, looking at old books and prints in the cart vendors while eating a raspberry pastry. There is nothing like looking at the Eiffel tower at that magic moment when she lights up head to toe, while there is ACTUAL accordion and piano music in the back ground. There is nothing like breathing the same air as Hemmingway and Van Goh while sipping coffee at an outdoor patio. Please do it, and when you do it, take a look at the names on the locks on the lock bridge for me. Those are real people with real love, which is the most amazing thing to me.


That’s all for now but I will do another post like this because I had a blast writing it. I also got to see who some of my followers are, and I was shocked/humbled/amazed/bewildered to see that some of you come from all across the country. Shouts to you guys.


Until next time,