Meredith Mondays Pt. 21

Things I’m loving right now pt. 2 


So its after Christmas, you have laid in bed in the Christmas themed PJs for two hours, knowing that you should get up, but all you want to do is play with your new stuff. I am SO there you guys. So here is a list of all the things I got this year (or lets be honest, I bought myself at 2:00 am on impulse) so if you have some extra Santa cash lyin' around you have an idea of where to go. 


1.) Adidas Ultra Boost.


I will do almost anything for comfortable and fashionable shoes at the gym that scream, “Wow she is confident in her gym abilities if she has shoes like that” Plus I am always more motivated to go to the gym if I have something new to wear because deep down I am pathetic and influenced by a capitalist society, damn it. 


2.) Pickwick Candle in Fraser Fir. 


I did the unthinkable today you guys. I put the lid on a half spent Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla candle from Bath and Body Works. I repeat, it was not done. I just closed it up and put it on the shelf, and broke out this bad boy. When it comes to candles it almost always has to have a vanilla undertone, if it doesn't smell like I am roasting in some grandma’s oven about to be fed to grandkids, I don’t want any part of it. Until this guy came along. It almost smells fruity sweet with hints of magical flowers that I have no idea how to name or identify. Its from Horticulture, the shop in the Westbottoms that sells my father’s leather goods. One cool thing, aside from all the aesthetics on the packaging and label, is that the flame is super tall so you feel like you are an old time wizard or something writing by actual candle light. 


3.) Primally Pure


I have been obsessed lately with finding good things to put on my body. Since quitting all the medication I have been on for years (going au natural as much as possible) I have had SUPER bad break outs and irritated skin. I am hoping to change that. PLUS I'm drinking so much water I may actually drown. I hear that it is good for the skin and for the toilet paper company. I heard about this company through Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast (if you aren't listening to it you need to be) and the message of the company just made sense, and I love that. There wasn’t a long pitch or convincing you that it would work, its just natural and your body sometimes needs whats natural. So I bought the starter kit, mainly for the deodorant. I always scoffed at people who don't use it or use natural deodorant thinking they are what started the term “dirty hippie” all the while being super interested in trying it. I already love the lip balm, Creamsickle is my fav. The deodorant smells amazing, and for the longest time I have had irritated underarms which I always accepted as normal, but now they have started clear up with the use of this deodorant and the all over body oil. I ordered two more deodorants to really get a feel for their line. 



4.) Beauty and Beard’s Missouri Moisture Whipped Body Butter in Vanilla. 


This stuff man, its amazing. I don’t know if there is anything special about it or anything besides you can actually read all the ingredients on it, it smells amazing, and it makes my skin feel super good. I don’t know what it is, but I love this stuff. Theres probably 40876783987 others like it but to me, this one is special. Its only 20$ you should give it a try and tell me I’m wrong. 


5.) Josie Maran Argan Oil 


My sister got this for me for Christmas and if you're looking for a good light weight oil for your face, look no further. Its expensive I won’t lie, I hardly ever buy it in a large size, but this is my third time choosing to buy it. It doesn’t make your face oily it just gives you the feeling that you have provided your skin with something it needs. I sometimes put it in my hair too, only on a day when I am not going anywhere, I mix it in really good and then let it sit all day and wash it out like normal the next day. Then my hair feels like melted butter and thats fun. 



6.) Magnaminty Face Mask from Lush cosmetics.


I have bought this before and I like everything it does for my skin and everything that the company claims to do. I liked it better before they reformulated, back when it got dry on your skin and you felt like it took out all the toxins and stuff, but now I just like it for the moisture power. I have bought it like four times now and I still love it. 



7.) Amazon Alexa 


THIS THING IS SO AMAZING. I am no longer charging my phone near my bed 1.) Because I am low key afraid of all the brain cancer rumors 2.) I wasn't sleeping well and when I really thought about it, it was probably because I was up until 2:00 going 4 years deep in Kendall Jenner’s Instagram. Like come on Meredith. Now instead of scrolling every night, Trevor and I get into bed and we read. Yes we actually read, like an adorable little 90 year old couple. He is reading about how to eliminate sugar from our diets and I am reading an book about England pre-WWI. I want to lie and say its about history but its really about some english people having the hots for one another and then the war gets in the way or something. ANYWAY. All that being said I no longer had a way to check the time or set an alarm. So at a Christmas dinner thrown by my Friend Sami, she suggested I get an Alexa. Two minutes later she had me one ordered and I was ready to put this thing to the test. I really do like it, it turns out. She isn't talking all the time like I thought she would (the movie the Poltergeist scared me shitless growing up, so I'm not too hot on electronics with a mind of their own) she literally only speaks when spoken to and she has set my alarms like a champ. Now instead of checking my phone for the time when we wake up on a Saturday morning, I shoot up in bed and hollar “ALEXA WHAT TIME IS IT?!” and wake Trevor up. Its really swell, in my opinion. 


8.) Bose wireless earbuds


I got these because to be honest my head phones kept getting caught up in the moving parts of the elliptical at the gym and it would yank my phone down from the stand and it would shoot all over the place, scaring me half to death. So this saves me the embarrassment of having to climb down off the elliptical without falling and retrieve my belongings. I also really like that I can watch Gossip Girl and there isn't a lag between the sound and the characters lips.