Jensen and Zach,

Starting out in Photography was terrifying. I remember being super judgmental of the girls in my town who had gotten cameras and started asking for models and couples to practice on. I fell prey to the "every girl with a semi nice camera thinks she's a photographer" mentality all too easily. I remember trying to frame myself differently when I finally got my camera, I promised everyone that I wouldn't be the girl taking photos of flowers and my cats all the time, I wasn't going to be that girl. But being that girl isn't so bad. Jensen is one of the people that gave me the confidence to keep going early on, and I bet she doesn't even know it. She messaged me late one night and told me that she could see me being like another photographer from our town who had since moved away and became very successful. I still carry that in my heart, it gives me hope and makes me smile. So when she told me she was eloping I told Trev to pack up the car, we were heading to Omaha. 

Trev and I have fun at all of our shoots, but this one was different. We fell into step with one another with ease, we were cut from the same cloth. They jumped head first into our exercises in the midst of snow fields and really thick fields. We also almost got arrested, as we stumbled on the only private property smack dab in the middle of a state park. So in addition to laughing and loving, we almost vomited and cried. 

I can't really articulate what it meant to me to be there as Jensen and Zach started their lives together. I got to see Jensen's first look into her husbands eyes, I got to see Zach throw a thumbs up after he said yes, and I got to see their friends surround them with love after the ceremony. I am just so happy to know them and I can't thank them enough for this opportunity.