Meredith Mondays Pt. 22

For the guys. 


So you come home from work, you’re probably tired, wanting to sit down with your lady and binge on some Netflix. Your lady meets you at the door with a smile, maybe she got you a beer, but it doesn’t matter, you sense a disturbance in the force. Something is not right. Play it off for a bit, let’s see what she wants. She has a bit of dinner ready and you sit down, and you know that it is serious. The dog has cancer or she went ham at Ulta today, but to the contrary my friend, she is about to tell you that she booked a photo shoot for you guys, with me. That’s right, all the times she was texting someone and laughing, that was me. This blog post is for you, good sir. I hope by the end of you reading this, you will like me just as much as your lady does, because I am pretty damn adorable, or that’s what my boyfriend tells me. 


First, I am going to head your girlfriend off at the pass, so you have an idea of what you are going to wear the day off. If you girl wants you to wear a suit, that is completely up to her, but I want you to pack outfits that are comfortable for you. If you hate what you’re in, I will be able to see it in your eyes, and I can’t photoshop out a sense of loathing. Bring jeans, flannels, button downs, sweaters, half zips, baseball caps, cowboy hats, jerseys of your favorite team, bring all the things. Also think about wearing good shoes. I ask you to do a lot of fun shit while we work together and most of them require traction for the men, so a good dress boot or casual boot (like chukka shoes) will be fantastic. 


Second, I want you to have fun. So if that means we all need to shotgun a beer before the session. Let’s do it. If that means you need to bring your furry best friend, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BRING YOUR DOG. I always welcome furry friends. Don’t be afraid to run ideas by me so that I can emphatically say yes to them. I want these to be photos you will love too, so I am all ears. 


Third, be prepared to love on your lady. Nothing more than PG 13 I swear, but I will ask you some questions about your lady and its awesome if you have had sometime to think about it. So here are some examples, 

What do you like most about her? 

What is her weirdest habit?

When did you know that you loved her? 

It may get weird but that’s when the magic happens so be ready. 


Fourth, if you have a plan for that day that she doesn’t know about, TALK TO ME BEFORE HAND. I LOVE SECRETS AND WANT TO HELP YOU PLAN. Seriously just shoot me a message and we can partner up and surprise the hell out of your lady. If you plan on proposing please let me know, I don’t want to drop my camera. If you are surprising her with a puppy, PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN GET ALL MY PETS OUT BEFORE HAND. Things like that. Lets chat. 


Fifth, some of the things I ask you to do may be weird, but play along. I PROMISE they will produce the type of photo both of you will love for years and years. It is also better to play along with my games, rather than have me pose you for hours with lifeless smiles. 


Sixth, keep in mind that I am always thinking of BOTH of you. I want you to have fun as well. I bring my boyfriend so you have an ally, it won’t just be us women ganging up against you. There is a reason that almost every couple we encounter wants to double date with us afterwards so just trust the process. Smile a little, flex your muscles, and throw your girl around a little bit, and it will all be fine. 


Can’t wait to work with ya friend. 


Until next time,