Brynn and Pedro, Engaged.

LOOK AT THESE LITTLE CUTIES. These guys are goals, and not just because they have a pig, but just that they are doing all the things right. They both have big kid jobs, they just moved into their first home, they are having a big wedding with all their friends and family, and I mean just look at em, can't you tell how in love they are? 

I know Pedro probably thought, "who in the hell is this girl asking me to throw my girlfriend around like a bag of potatoes?" but MAN was he a good sport, and good for my Ego, he laughed at almost everything I said. Also they just accepted Trev into the photoshoot and into their relationship while we worked together, which automatically tells me that they are our kind of people.

If I had to pick out some favorites from this shoot, it would be the ones in the pine trees at Loose Park. I know this location is a used location in our area, but sneaking under those pine trees just transforms the photo shoot. The deep greens, yellow-y oranges, paired with their dark hair, just gives me all the photogo feels. I can't wait to shoot their wedding this year, and to meet their pig. I haven't told them yet, but Guys I want to meet your pig. PLEASE.