Lindsey and Chris, Engaged.

It started snowing the night before, and Trev and I are still a bit nervous about driving in conditions like this. For those of you who don't know, Trev and I were hit head on on Christmas Eve. We both made a full recovery, but to say we thought long and hard about setting out that day is an understatement. Ultimately I decided that the snow was to good to pass up, and put out a post asking for models. 

Enter Lindsey, answering all my hopes for a last minute snowy winter session. We sat in a parking lot covered in snow after being lost for 10 minutes, waiting for us to find one another. When they pulled up I opened the door to look at the outfits she had brought and much to my surprise, out shot a little black lab puppy which started doing laps around the parking lot. That was kind of how the whole day was, surprising, fun, and full of energy and love. 

Chris played football with Trev and I had expected some reluctance, but surprise, he is so in love with Lindsey he became a natural, doing all the exercises and answering all the questions about their relationship. The thing that really surprised me, was when I asked him to grab a handful of hair and kiss his soon to be wife. That post took my breath away, like HES HIRED AS CLOSE KISSING POSE DIRECTOR. Also fun side note, I am starting to transition into editing with my own presets, and this is one with the majority of my own, so thats super exciting.