Shawna and Doug, Engaged.

The only way to describe Shawna and Doug's type of love is fun. Really really fun. They laugh more than they speak, they joke more than they are serious, just so much fun. I regularly ask my couples questions about their relationship, and one of my favorites is, "Imagine walking into a bar and seeing you significant other and in this reality you are not dating but you know all the things about this person. Using that information, give me your best one-liner that would make your significant other fall in love with you." Doug chose, " Did you know that Doug is God spelled backwards with with a little "U" wrapped up in it?" I lost it. 

This was the perfect mix of classy and relaxed, and it was a good Kansas City shoot. I try really hard to go to new locations and keep things different, as I think locations get stale, but I hadn't done a true KC photoshoot in a while and it felt SO good. The Nelson seemed prettier, downtown was more vibrant, and the WWI memorial welcomed us with open arms. Check out the smiles on these two, I can't wait to capture them in their wedding day best.