Halie and Nathaniel, Engaged.

A personal note: I have always maintained that a persons heart isn’t meant to remain whole. I think you are meant to lend out pieces and give some away completely. I tend to give out pieces of my heart to a few things: Dogs, My boyfriend, friends, family, and then I give some out to places. I know for a fact that I have left a little piece of it at Mont Martre in France, a little piece in the sands of Gulf Shores Alabama, and then I left a little piece on top of this lookout in Arkansas. Not only does this shoot look like how I have always wanted to take photographs, it convinced me that my heart and my passion lies in traveling and taking photos of people madly in love. I remember thinking to myself as I hopped up the stairs on the trail at Devil’s Den state park, as the fog thickened and the drizzle transitioned to a soft mist, “There is truly no place I would rather be.” 

A Note on Halie and Nathaniel: I always want to ask my clients what they love most about the person that they are with. When they answer that question, there is something different that comes over their faces and features. Their eyes are deeper and sparkle a bit brighter, their smiles warm up and they gradually begin to move closer to one another, caught in some sort of gravitational pull. When I asked these two, Nathaniel answered quickly and said “My favorite thing about her is her caring heart.” I let that sink in for just a few short moments and then Halie spoke up and said “My favorite thing about Nathaniel is his serving heart.” 

I hope all my clients find someone that loves something in the person they are with, but that the other person loves the exact same thing.