Meredith Mondays Pt. 25

First note: Holy shit you guys, 25 weeks that is one shy (originally typed shit here and laughed for ten minutes) of a half a year. Thats a lot of weeks. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support, I freaking love you. 

A while back I asked some of my followers to submit questions for me to answer and because I suck, I haven’t gotten to answering them until now. So sit back and prepare to learn a bit more about me 


1.) Why photography? 

Well I don’t know. I always told myself, in the beginning, that I wouldn’t make this artificial. I wouldn’t force anything, I would just let it happen (Much Zen, such centered). But in all reality, I just knew at the time I had other aspirations (law school) and I knew that I only had so much energy I could expend on this venture. So I always told myself as long as the interest was naturally there I would keep going, and here we are today. I always really liked taking pictures too, the first thing I replaced after my house burned down was a little pink Sony camera, and I freaking loved that thing. I remember I was texting my boyfriend at the time (when I say boyfriend I mean I decorated his locker and we went to the movies once) and he asked me why I was so excited about it. I thoughtful looked up from waiting in line with my mom at Best Buy, caught my reflection in a toaster, took a deep breath and in my most profound manner typed back, “Because its like freezing time, nothing would ever be the same as it was in that single photograph.” I WAS SUCH A LOSER OMG. I CAN’T TAKE IT WHY DIDN’T MY FRIENDS SAVE ME FROM MY EMOTIONAL PERFORMANCES. But yes, that is what baby Meredith thought about photography and its what big Meredith thinks too. 


2.) What do you and Trevor like to do for date night? 

Since we have been in college date nights are pretty difficult to come by, and now that he has graduated we are mainly stuck on the spending money part **Laughs nervously** So right now it looks like, us eating dinner with my family and then heading straight up to our room. We put phones away, we turn off the lights, and start up movies. We love the movies, but the theater in our town is being rebuilt so for right now, we settle for watching Stephen King’s “It” through a set of ear buds and not making any sudden movements that would rip the other person’s ear bud out. #romance 


3.) What inspires you right now? 

I am SO inspired by my boudoir girls. I never in a million years expected this to be something I like so much. There is just something about a woman coming in kind of shy, getting a bomb ass make over, and then turning into this super model in front of my lens. And some of the suggestions, my god, my girls are freaking fearless. I just love you guys so so so much, thanks for taking your pants off and taking a chance on me (This may have sounded better in my head but eh, we will see). This is kind of a big announcement so ears open kids, right now, the studio I work in is in kind of a weird spot. I may have to change venues and at first I was super devastated, but then I started looking at other studios, and thinking of the possibility of owning one myself, and shit all the inspiration came flooding in like the scene from the Shining with all the red rum. 


4.) Will you start a pod cast? 

I am really considering it. I know there is a space for it in my business structure, but honestly I want to do something different. I would love to make them youtube videos or something because I really want to transition into the summit version, rather quickly if possible. I don’t know I never really have these plans I usually just wake up Sunday mornings, decide I’m going to do something, and Trev and I work all day to see if we can make it happen. 


5.) How have you and Trevor made it this long? 

The people who know us, know that we can fight. Yup, we sure can. There isn't a cute anecdote about choosing one another all the time, or keeping romance alive. The bare and honest truth, is that for a long time, we weren’t making it. When we fight we fight hard. We scream at each other outside of my house, we cry, we say hateful things sometimes, or at least we used to. We have broke up three times since we started dating sophomore year of highschool and each time it solved something that we couldn’t really get a grip on. This isn’t to say that if you are having trouble you should cut the cord and walk away, thats not it. But what those times did for us was put things back into perspective. I knew I wouldn’t feel grounded again without him, I knew that the past wasn't a weapon but a lesson, and I knew that the last time we got back together would be the last time for us. So after people mature and turn into a closer version of their forever self, being with another person just gets a whole lot easier. Also, fall in love with your best friend. It helps a lot that Trevor can shoot me in the face with a nerf gun, and then open the door for me on date night, you know? Balance. 


6.) Does it ever scare you that almost everyone can take good pictures? That your market is saturated? 

Oofta this one cut deep, because the answer is hell yes. I become terrified thinking about all the amazing photographers in my area. Why? Because I can be petty as hell. I am the first to admit my faults because then they aren’t a secret that I am ashamed of, they are just a part of who I am and a part of what I want to work on. So, yes my fault is that I can be petty. And Jealous. And I can hold a grudge to my fucking grave (to my future brides I hope this doesn’t make you hate me, I still want to love you with everything I have xoxox). All of those things sit on my heart, and like right on top of it, like a bag of concrete and it really effects me. I know that I can see work from one specific photographer, and it can send my world crashing because I’m not ready to see their success and celebrate it. So, my solution is I have to stay in my own lane at all times. I have to look down and focus on what I have, and I can only look up when I have filled my cup. I focus on the clients that I have, I focus on the little victories (I called everyone I knew the first time someone found my website on google and booked me), I keep a very small circle of people in my own field because I know that I can only take so much, and that those people I can really celebrate the right way, and they celebrate me too. So yes, my market is full of talented people, but I have to remember that I am one of them. Yes, my financial future is uncertain but for this year I have the trust of 27 couples that give me the freedom to grow my business and work on my art. Yes, everyone can take pictures, but only I get the exact reviews that I do from my couples and that is enough for me.