Meredith Mondays Pt. 27

A day in the life of Meredith. 


I have always wanted to do a blog post like this one because as we all know I am not shy about talking about myself. I hope that my readers actually know that I’m not an asshole that carries a mirror around all the time so that I can look at myself, I really just put these blog posts out so that potential clients and real clients have this huge database that they can go to to get to know me better. All the jokes about Narcism are to hide the fact that sometimes I really don’t like talking about myself all that much because I don’t think I am very interesting. With that in mind, here is a look at a normal, not very interesting day in the life of Meredith. Feel free to reference this if I am not responding to your messages, so you can call me on my shit. “Like no Meredith your blog post said you are at your desk between 9-10 quit watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and do some work.” But that never happens because I am #flawless. 


6:20- Trev’s alarm clock to go to work intrudes into my pleasant slumber and he rolls out of bed. I drift in between consciousness and dead sleep for like 10 minutes until he stumbles back in to kiss me goodbye. I said that like its an inconvenience but if he isn’t back in the room to say goodbye in like ten minutes my whole day is derailed. So by the time Trev comes in to say goodbye I am pretty much wide awake, trying to find all these reasons not to go to the gym. If I don’t go to the gym early in the morning I literally won’t go. After being an athlete for so long, I have one shot a day that I can go to the gym before I lose absolute focus, long gone are the days that I could be at the gym 4 times a day and be happy about it. 


7:30-8:30- I really do go to the gym a lot more than I used to, on any given week you can find my sweaty ass up in the gym working on my fitness (if you didn’t sing that in your head like Fergie we can’t be friends). I have to start with cardio and stretching so I can make all the old people noises when trying to get my back to loosen up. I stay for an hour or so, and then its errand time. I live in the country and its super hard to motivate myself to drive back into town (even though tbh town is like 10 miles away) its still rough. 


8:30-9:00- This is the time of the day reserved for showing my beautiful sweaty and broken out face to the good towns people of Liberty. The first stops on Monday are to the grocery store so I can buy my lunch for the week. Usually lobster bisque soup and salads. I am on a first name basis with your grandma as she shops for an odd amount of bananas and Pepsi early in the morning. I will run any other errands after that, like go to the bank, which is a personal favorite of mine because I used to work there, and I now get to be the person that smiles and waves as they speed out of the drive through, leaving them to work behind a bullet proof glass. Ah, entrepreneurship. 


9:00-10:00- I have my routines in place and if I deviate from them I feel like a renegade stallion with no purpose or control. So right when I get home I warm up a croissant (because I pretend to be as French as fucking possible here in the Midwest), I make my protein smoothie, heat up some tea, and watch my recorded shows from the night before. Mondays- Keeping up with the Kardashians, Tuesdays- Teen Mom, Wednesdays- Stephen Colbert, Thursdays- Probably have lost focus during the week and took this morning off or something, but then there are Fridays where I watch Life in Pieces, Mom, and the Big Bang Theory. Pretty big morning that one. I jump in the shower after watching my trash television and start a pod cast. We just got a new shower, organizer, keeps-your-shampoos-upright-thing, and it has a spot that I can put my phone in and watch Netflix and listen to the Goal Digger Podcast because I am a #millennial. After that I put on makeup so that I feel like I have some purpose, like someone has to see this cut crease and pointy eyeliner right? Better go to a meeting or hop on Insta stories. 


10:00-12:00- I do work that isn’t editing, so I may be returning emails, working on blogs, working on interviews. I also like to do business research, networking, website work, social media analysis. All the things. Right now I have been working on a social media audit for a fellow girl boss in Missouri, and I am going through all her socials and websites looking for improvements, giving thoughts and impressions, as she does the same for me, and MAN I have learned a ton! 


12:00-1:00- LUNCH HOLY SHIT ITS LUNCH AND I’M STARVING. So I warm up said food from HyVee and what am I watching? YOU FUCKING GUESSED IT Keeping up with the Kardashians. I’m telling you rich people doing bad things is my shiiiiit. 


1:00- Whenever I go to a meeting or loose all work ethic- This is editing time. I crank through some sessions until 4:00 or 5:00 and then I will load them to pixieset or I will go to a meeting. By then there is usually something I have forgotten to do, or some sort of problem that I will have had a melt down about, pulled myself together, and then started working on solutions. 


5:00-7:00 Trev and I make dinner or we help with dinner with my family. Om nom nom. 


7:00-9:00 Play with the cats, have nerf gun wars with Trev, talk to my mom about why she hates some people. Cut dads hair, try to legitimize my job to my family. Etc. 


9:00-10:30- Reading. Because I literally will not go to bed if I sit and scroll on my phone. I won’t do it. I can say I will watch one youtube video or read an article on Facebook and within minutes I have convinced myself that I need to redo my business structure, or I have bought hundreds of dollars of things from Amazon. I need to read about WWII France at night so that I can go to bed dreaming of oppressive regimes and baguettes or I just wont sleep. 



Thats basically it. Throughout the week there is an hour sprinkled in for Instagram stuff, where I spend too long tagging people and hashtagging, picking a good photo that I hope attracts attention to my account, wondering why big accounts like my stuff by never feature me. That kind of stuff. Theres usually an hour in there once a week where I sit on the floor and overpet my sisters cat. In total there is probably an hour that I am in the bathroom because I drink two times the amount of water I am supposed to in a day because I told myself hydration was my number one goal this year. Probably an hour for shopping for things I don’t need like a studio of my own in the Westbottoms. Things like that. 


Until next time,