Anna and Austin, Engaged.

Some people may be cool. Lady Gaga wore a meet dress, Elvis was well, Elvis, and Marylin stood above heat grates in a white dress. BUT NONE OF THEM ICED THEIR HUSBANDS DURING THEIR ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS. From the get go this couple was kind, funny, and warm. We got to talking about photoshoots in general and I wouldn't believe how much they understood things from my point of view. The only thing that really gets in the way of my shoots being spectacular is when the guy has it set in his mind that he isn't going to have fun. That's a little hard to work with sometimes, as they have already decided that they aren't going to find my double chins funny, no matter how hard I may try. So when Austin started talking about how he just wanted to make Anna happy, and how he didn't understand why some people may have problems with photoshoots, I knew I had found some of my people. 

I am so excited to shoot their wedding, and I am just excited to know these gorgeous people. I mean this combination of facial hair and firey red hair doesn't happen often, and I am going to love the heck out of them while I can.