Cheryl and Austin, Expecting.

Cheryl and Austin taught me something during their shoot. You don't have to listen to what society tells you about starting your family, like at all. I had heard them refer to the baby as an "it" and I was like, "Huh that's kind of weird I usually do that but because I am not super maternal and semi awkward around babies." So I asked them about it, and they shocked me. They said well we don't know what it is, we are waiting to figure it out. I asked why to see if there was a hidden family tradition or a superstition somewhere in the story, but their answer was simple and beautiful. 

"There aren't a lot of surprises in life anymore" 

Like wow. Not only is it against what society tells you to do, it is such a cool story to tell that little bebe when it arrives. I will be the first to tell baby it, you parents have already loved you so much and worked so hard for you, so much so they went against everything society told them to do. 

Loved knowing these cool cats and I can't wait to meet their kitten for their new born session.