Dandi and Johnathan, Engaged.

I love it when guys surprise me at photoshoots. Its my favorite thing ever. I posed Dandi and Jonathan up for the final shots of the day, right as the sunset was hitting the last few amazing moments of light, and asked for something that usually is a hit or miss. Sure when I ask guys funny questions or to imitate their girlfriend's drunk walk I get pretty enthusiastic responses, but when I ask for kisses sometimes there is a bit of apprehension. Thats the most intimate thing I ask couples to do in front of me and I totally get it, not everyone likes to lock lips in front of an overly enthusiastic photographer. But Jonathan on the other hand, dove right in. The clouds parted, a string quartet began to play, and Nicholas Sparks jumped from behind a tree to write about all the passion that was in that kiss. And that is how we got some of my favorite shots from the whole day. 

Dandi and Jonathan are the definition of complimentary. Ying and Yang, Salt and Pepper, Up and Down. When I talk to Dandi, I love listening to the way she talks about her relationship and Jonathan because she can't physically hide how much she cares for him and what they have together. I can't wait to shoot their wedding day and be in on the day that they have put so much time and thought into.