Meredith Mondays Pt. 28

So as everyone knows I am a makeup addict, not that I am necessarily very good at it all the time, but you know I appreciate a pointy brow and eyeliner. So I do get some questions, usually from my clients, with regards to what makeup I love and this will be the holy grail list. All the things that I love and use every day. Disclaimer, I try SO SO hard to only buy things that are not tested on animals. For me personally, I know that animal testing has strong arguments for it for medical purposes and scientific research, and I just don’t go anywhere near those. But animal testing for the purpose of a product that is not necessary for survival, I am not on the boat. So I try really hard to do my research and buy things that have never been on a bunny or puppy. I do know that some of the things on this list are tested on animals and mostly it happens because 1.) I ball on a budget sometimes but still like a good lifted lash 2.) Sometimes the animal cruelty free options are more expensive and don’t work as well, meaning you need to use more of it or end up wasting it, so when I buy something that may be tested on animals or from a company who is owned by a company that sells in China or may test ingredients on animals, I know what I am buying will be used down to the LAST DROP. One day I would love to be all animal cruelty free so that is the goal. 


For those of you who don’t really follow whether or not makeup is tested on animals, here is a little crash course. The first way that makeup companies remove themselves from cruelty free lists are just plain ole animal testing. They either test the product on animals in its final form or they test ingredients on the animals in the development process. The second way that a company removes it self from cruelty free lists, and I say removes themselves because a lot of the choices to test on animals are just that, choices. The second way is that they choose to sell products in China and in other countries that strictly prohibit human trials. China is the major country that usually requires animal testing to allow a makeup product into their markets. This one is super tricky because you have to follow the money, and often politics of makeup products, which is not fun. I usually turn to to know this part, its a blog and it follows the sale of makeup companies and updates regularly, not just a one and done deal. That is a really dumbed down version of everything because I think I am still pretty naive on the topic, but hey I try. 




1.) Primer. I don’t really use this religiously, I just came back to it because I noticed my pores were showing through my foundation and concealer. I use the Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer. It feels neat on your fingers and I guess it does some good stuff. Hide them pores y'all it matters for some reason I can’t really put a finger on. 

2.) Foundation. I use the Amazonian Clay Foundation from Tarte (which you will find is a common theme here, they are PETA approved cruelty free brand which I typically trust even though I know PETA is a sensitive topic, so sit your ass down Barbara, I already know.) Its probably the most full coverage foundation that isn’t tested on animals, but its not my super fav. I will probably move to using the Too Faced foundation, even though I think the founder is a shit bag, I think they just became animal cruelty free again. I know, I know, this shit is confusing and hard to follow. I forgot to add concealer, and I don't want to redo all the numbers because #lazy so I am going to add it here. Like every other basic hoe on the internet, I use Tarte Shape Tape, I like the coverage and everyone says it doesn't crease but they are liars I guess cus I crease like no one's business. But I just set really quick with powder and it isn't all bad. 

3.) As far as I know Morphe products, excluding their real hair brushes (which they offer vegan alternatives) are not tested on animals so I use the shit out of their blushes and eye shadow palettes. Specifically I love the 9B blush pallet because it has hella options, and then I will say it loud and clear for those in the back, YOU NEED THE JACLYN HILL PALETTE. IT HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE ALMOST ANY LOOK. Just buy it and thank me later. 

4.) For bronzer, I go cheap because I know it will work and I don’t use that much of it. I am not sure if the Butter Bronzer by Physicians formula is animal cruelty free or not but it smells like coconuts and I will use it until its freaking gone. Plus it was like 8 bucks from the drugstore. Its the one that I mentioned earlier that I will buy because I know I will use all of it and not waste a higher priced but ineffective ACF (animal cruelty free) bronzer. 

5.) Contour: Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette, all the way all day. Kat Von D is a super big advocate for ACF products so you are pretty safe with her, although when I tried her Lockit Foundation I felt like I was painting a house and the house was my face so you know to each their own. 

6.) Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills is a badass bitch for not testing an animals because her products are freaking bomb. I use an old highlight palette from like 2014, which is probably gross but waste not mothertruckers, because it has four shades and you only need a tiny baby amount. I also used her brow products to tame the beasts so when you compliment me on my prominent brow, its her doing. 

7.) Setting powder: Coty Airspun Loose Face powder. Its been around since 1935 and I have no idea if they test on animals or not, but with it being that old they could have tested on cavemen, I have no idea. Its amazing because the price is right, its easy to get, and it doesn’t wash you out because it has an itty bitty amount of pigment in it. Plus my grandma used to use it back in the day and it makes me feel like a little old lady which is basically my goal. 

8.) Eyes: Maybeline Eyestudio Gel liner and L’oreal Lash Paradise. Again products I use because they are much cheaper than their ACF alternatives and they work hella good. I use these bad boys down to the last drop.


I think thats it, if you have any counter points or know of any brands that I don’t that don’t test, let a hoe know. I love buying things I don’t need and helping protect the bunnies. 


Small update, I will be going on a family vacation the 5th through the 12th of April and I am going to challenge myself to not check work, ONE TIME. So total media black out, except for maybe Instagram because I am petty and don't want my engagement to go down. So you won’t hear from me, at all hopefully, while I make my family hike up desert areas they don’t want to. LOVE YOU GUYS. 

Picture I took for my amazing makeup artist of barely any of the products I just mentioned. I know I hate me too. 

Picture I took for my amazing makeup artist of barely any of the products I just mentioned. I know I hate me too.