Alex and Dalton, Engaged.

The one thing I love about Alex is that when she looks at you, she doesn't seem to be just seeing you. This is going to make me sound SO hipster and about as deep as a puddle of water, but something about the way that Alex looks at me makes me feel like she is looking for something constantly. Like she's looking for the meaning in what I'm saying, she's looking at me and trying to find who I am, not just what I am (her photographer, her customer, her business buddy). This may make NO sense to anyone but me, but hey at least I tried. The most amazing thing though? The way that Alex looks at other people, is the exact way if not more, that Dalton looks at her and its freaking magical. I always tell my couples, it doesn't freaking matter if your photogenic or not, which they assured me they were not, as long as you genuinely like the person you are with, it will be fine. And boy, does Dalton like Alex. His go to move, so he "didn't have to look at the camera," was to pull Alex in for a kiss. LIKE YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT. So Dalton is one of my new official pose directors. Just kidding that is a job with no pay and no one likes poverty. 

This Kansas City engagement session hit the spot in my metaphorical hunger and I know everyone else is going to love it too.