Meredith Mondays Pt. 26

When you start to read this, I want you to do some imagining for me. Picture me, in all my beauty and grace, skipping across a mountain in Austria in WWII era nun clothes. Wailing at the top of my musically gifted lungs, “THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FUCKING FAVORITE THINGS” Did you see it as clearly as I did? Good. I tried hard to pick some of my favorite things in different categories, and these aren’t just things that I’m like EH YA SURE. No its things that I would probably fight to the death over, or at least give ya good scratch over. 


Favorite place I have ever been: France. FRANCE FUCKING FRANCEY FRANCE. If you EVER have the opportunity to go, FUCKING GO. I say this all the time, but its such a special country, when I was there I was swimming under an actual roman bridge in a river and then the next day eating at Cafes that Van Goh ate at. Unreal. 


Favorite tv show: This is hard. SO HARD. Because I love trashy TV. I have been watching Teen Mom since it came out and I was a baby middle schooler astonished that you could go to school and be pregnant. I have watched every fight, every baby, and every scandal since it first aired. BUT I also love Keeping Up with the Kardashians, because they travel a lot and have nice shit. And I like both of those things. 


Favorite Restaurant: This used to belong to a few places one of them now close and the other in the town that my sister went to college in, but right now I crave one thing from one place and I can’t have it. Block 16 was recommended to Trev and I when we were in Omaha for an elopement and it changed my life. Why? BECAUSE FRENCH FRIES THATS WHY. We had french fries smothered in cheese, green onions, a Chinese dragon sauce, maybe some crab rangoon thing in there, and dusted with crushed fortune cookies. Also the burgers were 100%. Go if you can. Go even if you can’t or shouldn’t its worth it. 


Favorite camera thing: I love my new sigma 35 Art lens. The more baby hairs catching sunlight and the more blurred the background, the more happy I am. English? I don’t even care. Baby hairs for the win. I have had a hard time trying to Get the dang thing calibrated but hopefully I can get that figured out. 


My favorite piece of Jewelry: I have a string of pearls that my mom got me for my 18th birthday, pearls that I will design my whole wedding around. But I also have a ring that Trev gave to me that I always wear. Its a simple band of diamonds for a super simple promise. I get questions on it all the time and that’s what it is. 


Favorite Podcasts: I start every morning with NPR’s Up First Podcast. Its super short but packs in a lot of the most important things to know for the day. As a political science major in undergrad, I love being up to date on the geopolitical struggles, the on going conflicts, and policy that goes through our government, so this is a great way to stay up to date without getting depressed because you are neck deep in politics and don’t know what to believe anymore. For leisure I love Jenna Kutcher. She is freaking amazing and has changed my business without a doubt. She is self made millionaire that teaches about social media marketing and honestly every episode seems like it is speaking right to my soul. Just so so good, every girl boss needs to listen to her. 


Favorite Youtube MUA: This may seem random but I spend a lot of my time on these videos, I don’t watch them word for word and I definitely don’t buy all the things they recommend, but I like to watch to fill background noise. So I really like Tati Westbrooke, her voice is like drinking hot chocolate laced with sedatives, so calming. And I like Jaclyn Hill but Jaclyn Hill has kind of forgotten her youtube fam so start with Tati. 


Favorite makeup: A fun fact about me, I don’t buy anything cosmetic that is tested on animals, or I tried REALLY REALLY REALLY hard not to. Sometimes I buy them and then figure out later that they don’t meet my standards but I don’t want to waste that product either. So a lot of my favorites are Tarte, including blush and foundation, and then I really like Morphe products, which one of my favorite blogs, Cruelty Free Kitten, said is completely cruelty free so YAY. If you can buy yourself the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe. I use it literally everyday.  


Favorite books: ANYTHING BY KATE MORTON. She is a fiction novelist that crafts her stories with such care, it really transports you to a different place. I don’t tend to read serious books as much as I should, because I read so many of them in my undergrad. So these days I shift towards anything based in France, specifically WWII era. Which just so happens to be my favorite time period as well, just enough feminist uprising and conflict to keep me interested, in my opinion. Also I like all the jaunty outfits, so trendy. I just finished up The Lilac Girls and that was a brilliant novel, now I am reading The Nightingale. So much France I can almost taste the overpriced croissants. 


Favorite things on Netflix: Right now I am all about Girls Incarcerated. I. love. this. shit. Its like an all girl version of Scared Straight (another favorite of mine). I don't know something about children acting badly and then being told not to be little assholes makes my heart smile. I also really liked the British Netflix series, The End of the Fucking World. It was ripe with sarcastic humor and made me giggle more than it should have. 


Favorite apps: For business I love Word Swag. It does cost money but all I did was forfeit a cup of coffee and then I could afford it. If you own a business social media platform you need this app. Plan and simple. It allows you to make beautiful stories without having to be a photoshop wiz. 


Favorite FB groups: I love being a member of the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders. I know several of the people on there and they are all so supportive and actually facilitate debate that is civil and yet passionate. So 1.) Become unhealthily obsessed with Jenna Kutcher 2.) Join her insiders group on FB so that we can support one another on there. I also really like being a member of Chicks Who Click KC, its full of girl bosses in my area and you all already know how much I love that.