Ashton and Dylan, Engaged.

The last time I saw these guys my left eye ball had almost swollen shut so I promised them a non-puffy-eyeball-do-over as soon as the flowers popped this spring. For this session we actually hung out at their wedding venue which is such a neat experience. This way I was able to find all the spots that spoke to this couple specifically, meaning we can revisit them on their big day!

They also brought their sweet pup with them this time. She will go down in history as the best behaved doggo at a photoshoot ever. Sit, stay, come, be adorable, she can do it all. I love bringing pups to photoshoots. Sure the first few minutes can be stressful, but if you dog is as important to you as ours is to us, then I say they are important enough to be in photos.

I got a little dark and moody on some of this editing using an old preset and I am so in love. It feels good to make images that make my heart happy again.

Ashton and Dylan, I will see you two at the altar!