Aly and Blake, Married.

I practically ran to this wedding. Knowing that Aly and Blake were waiting for me at the destination was all I needed to literally wake up at 4:00 am and brave flood waters. I always talk about something that stood out to me during the course of the wedding day and this wedding there was actually two. The first being that I had the absolute privilege of watching two of the most perfectly complete people join their lives together. Both of these individuals are just so good on their own, but its ice cream and toppings, they only got better together. Both are very intelligent and have amazing careers. Both have groups of friends and family that are devoted to them. Both of them have their own passions and together, even though they were so accomplished individually, they complimented one another so well. The second thing is the amount that the two families pulled together to make everything work. Family was present in almost every aspect of this wedding and you couldn't help but feel apart of it by the end of the day. They got married in Blake’s Grandfathers church, and it would only be right if Blake’s grandfather was the officiant too right? The reception was on family land in a large barn the whole family had decorated the night before. I know I am not actually related but I sure felt like family at the end of the day.

Aly and Blake, it is my pleasure to know you and your community. Congratulations.