Sarah and Nick, Married.

The one word that comes to mind when I think about this couple is community. Usually at a wedding, I can kind of tell who belongs to who depending on where they sit, who they talk to, and what side of the family they are sitting with. This wedding however, was super different meaning that it seemed EVERYONE mingled with everyone. There were so many people dancing with one another, with the bride and groom, and I couldn't easily tell who was from what side. That's all because everyone was there on the same side, Sarah and Nick's. From what I gather this is a relationship that MANY had been waiting on and I am so glad that I was there to see it all come together. Including the Brides sister who is told to have slammed her fist down on a table and exclaimed “HOW DO WE GET THESE TWO TO DATE.”

Again so blessed to be welcomed into their community with open arms by everyone present, it truly makes my job worth it in all capacities.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Vacca.