Kortney and Tyler, Married.

Over the course of a wedding day things can go wrong, it’s just natural. This wedding however, seemed to have EVERYTHING go wrong. Everything from the florals being late, to the caterer being understaffed, this had potential to go so terribly off track. But do you know why it didn’t?

1.) Because they hired other vendors that were on top of the ball and ready to handle every situation that was thrown at us.

2.) They saw that the meaning of the day was more important and chose to look at the good moments rather than the bad.

Let this be a lesson, if you hire at least some of the right vendors your day can make it through anything.

Some of my favorite things from this wedding.

1.) FIRST LOOKS OMG FIRST LOOKS. So Tyler must have watched a Youtube video titled “how to nail your first look for your photographer” because it might go down in history as the best first look I have had. And it got better when he saw her walk down the isle AGAIN. I know I must have looked like an idiot standing their grinning ear to ear watching him freak out but I don’t even care. It was amazing.

2.) Kortney is just one of the most beautiful women I know so take a good look at her bridal portraits and her long princess hair.

3.) THIS WEDDING HAD THE BEST GRANDPA EVER. Check out his dancing pictures because I will never witness something like that again in my whole life.

As always you two, it was an extraordinary pleasure.

PS you will notice that on some of my black and whites I got REAL dark and moody and I don’t know I am just feeling super creative lately.