Priscilla and Nick, Married.

So I got Priscilla and Nick’s wedding kind of last minute. But I knew of them as a couple when we all went to college together and I had the weekend free, so I filed it under “Why not?” and made my plans to drive down to Jenks Oklahoma. Here’s the deal though, no one told me that I would be working with some of the most famous vendors in that area. I started posting little sneak peaks of where I was heading that weekend and was quickly informed that I was indeed heading to the THAT famous black barn and working with THAT famous florist. A little intimidated, I made the trip with Megan and the day of the wedding I was pleasantly surprised. I competed with those big fish because my couples are and continue to be amazing.

I fell into step with Priscilla and Nick like I had known them for years and we created some of my favorite photos of the season. I think that is the thing that stands out most to me from this wedding. Usually by the time of the wedding the couple has met me twice and we have talked a whole bunch leading up to the big day. But since this was the first time I had worked with Nick and Cilla, I was nervous it would lack spark. I was so wrong. Nick and Cilla opened their hearts and their families up to me that weekend and I full heartedly believe that is what made this such a great wedding.

I spent that weekend eating too many good cannolis, complimenting the vendors too much, and spending the night drinking and dancing with old friends from college. It’s almost unfair that this is my job.

Things too look out for in this album.

1.) The beautiful venue. Enough said.

2.) The sunset bridal portraits because I am prideful and want you to appreciate them.

3.) All the special surprises that Cilla had for Nick. Including his rented Tesla and her transformative dress.

4.) I loved the swing dance that Cilla did with her dad. It was so up beat and fun. The whole room at one point was clapping for them.

Congrats you guys. It was such a joy.