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I am so thrilled to have filled my schedule in 2019 with 30 amazing brides. I am now taking wedding appointments for 2020. Below is a list of dates that I am NO LONGER available. If you don't see your date on there, send me an email and let's start lovin' each other. 

January 11th

March 13th

March 14th

March 21st

April 11th

April 18th

May 2nd

May 24th

June 6th

June 20th

July 11th

July 26th

August 1st

August 8th

September 5th

September 26th

October 3rd

October 10th

October 17th and 24th-November 3rd UNAVAILABLE BECAUSE IM GETTING MARRIED TOO :D





For the couple that wants to start with a bang, or rather, the pop of a cork

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the big kahuna. This is all I have to offer you short of whatever organs I may not be using. This package covers seven hours or more of wedding time. Yup, you can keep me until I turn into a pumpkin at 12:00 (just kidding I don't lose consciousness until like 2:00 am, we should be good).  This one also comes with an engagement package so YAY more bonding time for us. This tends to be the package my clients choose when they want to travel for a destination wedding, and we can discuss travel if you think this is the package for you. But if I am being honest, I love traveling and I am willing to work with you until we find a way to take me and my assistant with you wherever you may roam. I will list my bucket list locations below this section, so if you are thinking a destination wedding is your style, consider one of these locations and I will travel with you at a discounted price. So if this sounds up your ally, drop me a line and we will see if we can get plane tickets next to one another, but I call window! Most of my clients reside in the immediate Kansas City Area so travel outside the Kansas City Area will be subject to a small price increase for travel reimbursement. 









"For the couple that wants to add a bit more body to their day" 

This is my most popular package, just like Goldie Locks this package is not too big and it is not too small, it is that sweet spot in the middle. With this package you get me for seven hours or less on your wedding day, which when you think about it is a whole lot of time to capture every special moment of your bid day. Do you want me there to sip mimosas and snap pics of your bridesmaids while they get their hair done? I am SO down. Do you want me to get pictures of the venue while they set up? Count me in. Do you just want someone there to relax with you and breathe before the big jump? You guessed it, I am your woman. Travel time is built into this package and I will go four (ish) hours round trip from the Kansas City Area to work with you. The best part about this package? The engagement session is built in. That's right, I get to meet your soon to be fiancés and hang out before the big day. This takes place in the immediate Kansas City Area. Travel outside the Kansas City Area will be subject to a price increase for travel reimbursement. 



























"Perfect for the couples who keeps it sweet and simple" 

Like the description says this package is small and simple, but oh so sweet. Are you getting married at a court house but still want amazing photos of your day? I'm there. Are you getting married next to a lake with just your friends families and dogs? I'm your woman. This package is designed for the couples that need my services for four hours or less in the immediate Kansas City Area. 


Bucket List Destinations

United States: 


New York 










France (Bonus I speak French!) 




Turks and Caicos 

St. Thomas


This is just an idea if you want to go international shoot me an email and we will brain storm  














My engagement packages can be bought separately from the wedding packages, because when it comes down to it, I just love working with people in love. Purchasing this package gets you unlimited time, locations, and outfit changes. Travel can be negotiated, but I love to travel so if you have na idea run it by me. We can carpool **thumbs up**  



There are no photos to go with this part of the pricing guide because I value the privacy of my clients above all else. I have created a private Facebook group called, Mer's Boudoir Babes, where I share more information pertaining to my boudoir clients. Here, I share pricing, deals, studio times, and if the client approves them, some select photos of my shoots. This group was designed to be a supportive group of women that want to build each other up and celebrate bodies of all types. If you are a female above the age of 18 please ask to join! I personally approve all the members to ensure that the group is secure and will continue to be a supportive environment. Pricing for this package is still being developed, however, as of now I am doing Private appointments only for the fall and those packages are 550$. ATTENTION! Over on my private facebook group for boudoir clients I have just released the winter marathon dates! Spots will fill up fast so make sure to grab one while you can for a discounted price!
















Being a senior is one of the best times in high school, which is a big cliché but hear me out. The brief moment that comes before jumping from the nest is full of dances, awards, parties, and most importantly, pictures. Let's get together, laugh, and document this part of your story to the fullest extent. This package includes unlimited time, locations, and outfit changes. Instead of showing your kids 20 years from now just a nice picture of you from your high school days, I want you to point out the baseball field you played on, I want you to show off your letter jacket, bring your awards, your projects, your certificates, your baby pictures, BRING ALL THE THINGS. I want to celebrate all of them.  

This takes place in the immediate Kansas City Area. Travel outside the Kansas City Area will be subject to a price increase for travel reimbursement. 








Family of four or less $500 

Family of five to seven $600 

Any additional person past seven adds $50 each 











It used to be that when you wanted family photos done you bought the kids matching outfits, loaded up the minivan and stormed through the doors at the JCPenny Portrait Studio, wasting your whole Saturday. How do I know? Because we have all of those photos of me and my sister still hanging in the hallway. I don't want to do that. I want to go to a park and play tag. I want to go to a baseball field and play catch. I want to see your family where they are happiest. So lets find a time when the weather is warm (because cold babies make me sad), we will grab some toys, and we will have some fun. My base price for a family of four or less is $400, a family of five to seven people is 500$ and any other person past seven is an additional 50$. When shooting large families there are multiple things to consider from a photography standpoint. First, it takes more time to pose and find locations that can accommodate that size, some places even require that I purchase a permit. Second, in large group photos, there is usually more editing to make sure everyone is looking the same direction with eyes open, so the additional $50 per person helps with that additional time. 


This takes place in the immediate Kansas City Area. Travel outside the Kansas City Area will be subject to a price increase for travel reimbursement. 

Content Building for business and entrepreneurs

One of my biggest passions is working with other businesses, small business owners, and influencers. I love hearing all the passion in their voice, and I love being able to play a part in creating their online presence through beautiful photography.  This editing style is noticeably different than my other styles and it is a style of editing that I reserve just for content building. All sessions for content building start at 400$ but custom packages can be created to fit the needs of the person. Drop me a line so we can chat and find the right package for you.