"Meredith is an incredible photographer, and an even better person. She made us feel at ease while also capturing the moments that we will cherish forever. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."


Hey, Friend. 

This is me by the way. Yes, my cute little smirk and all that hair will show up on your wedding day.

This is me by the way. Yes, my cute little smirk and all that hair will show up on your wedding day.


For those who want it short and sweet, I am a traveling wedding photographer based out of Kansas City Missouri. I shoot weddings, engagement, couples, boudoir, and I also help other business owners build content for social media. For those who don’t mind reading here is a list of things you should know about me before I show up sweaty and overly enthusiastic at your wedding.

  • I love gifs, specifically the one of Elmo burning and Michael Scott from The Office Screaming “NO!”

  • I love fruit based beer, desert wines, and fluffy coffees (because you shouldn’t have to be in pain when you drink anything fun.)

  • I give a sh*t. Specifically, I give a sh*t about you and your wedding. I don’t structure my packages or my business like other photographers because I give sh*t about my clients and not so much about time limits, photo limits or location limits. Email me to find out more about my radical ideas on how the wedding industry should be.

  • I love to travel. My best life is photographing my clients on the top of a mountain or on the beach, while they hold on to the one they love.

Well thats it for now. I am already so excited to know ya friend. 



"I can’t say enough positive things about my entire experience with Meredith! From our first interaction to viewing my engagement photos, she was beyond professional, warm, and kind. She by far exceeded my expectations for a photographer. I can say, without a doubt, that I will only work with Meredith for the rest of my photography needs in the future!"


I would love to see you over at my instagram @meredithgraves_ . I post every week and you can see some of my favorite shots, learn things about me, and force a laugh at some really bad dad jokes.