frequently asked questions

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Are you good at posing? 

I get this question quite a bit and I really don't pose a whole lot, you will pose yourself. Let me explain, I have questions, games, and challenges that I will ask you to complete. During those times I am snapping away, getting the raw unposed emotions. I want to see you laughing, scowling, playing, and dancing. So don't worry about the posing because there won't be any. It will be a sweet hang out with you and your favorite people, plus me, that will result in some amazing shots you won't want to forget. 

What is a good time to take pictures?


You can probably gather from my portfolio what time I like to shoot. SUNSET. The sun is lower in the horizon meaning not only is the chance for facial shadows much lower, I can play with those amazing sun flares that we all love. To get those we have to work two hours from the time sunset starts or from when it rises (since the sun location is essentially in the same location). I also used to dread over cast or cloudy days, but really those are amazing days to work. We have the freedom to go wherever we please because there will be no direct light to cast facial shadows. So have no fear we will find a time but that is the general idea. 

What does this process look like if we hire you?

From start to finish hiring me will look like an initial meeting. I like to have coffee or invite people over for family dinners (for smaller shoots I forgo the official meeting and just meet the day of). From there we go to the shoot, and usually I try to have sneak peaks up the day of or the next day, so you have immediate gratification and can see what is going to come. From there I require 2-3 weeks to complete editing, at which point I will post on Facebook and tag you. Then I set up a private online gallery that you can download the high resolution copies from and away you go. You can also request a USB be sent to you VIA mail. Side note: You can also expect me to send blooper photos from your session to you throughout the process, just to you know, keep you involved.   

Are we a good fit for you?


I like to think I work with all types of people, but there are some people out there who are looking for their forever photography friend and it may not be me, which is totally OKAY. If I were trying to be the photographer for everyone, I think my work would suffer, I am instead looking for my ideal clients that are interested in exactly what I have to offer. So you might be a good fit if you value the price of the goods I am giving you. You might be a good fit if you want to travel and don't mind adventuring a bit. You might be a good fit if you love dogs and wine and beer. I am pretty relaxed in my shooting so super formal shots are not my speciality. If this sounds like you then REACH OUT ASAP. I want to chat with you.  


What can you do in photoshop? 

I try to only remove things in the photos that are distracting, rogue photo bombers, stop signs, and litter. I will do portrait retouching, meaning I will whiten teeth, remove those pesky blemishes (hey we aren't perfect and I love that). I do not make a habit of changing bodies, I promote body positivity and will work very hard to make sure you are comfortable during and after the shoot. 

Do you give out unedited copies? 

I spend quite a bit of time with my photos making sure that it is the best representation of my work as a photographer.That being said I do not give out or sell the unedited copies of my work. 


What can we expect if we hire you? 

You can expect some funny/personal questions about you or you and your significant other. You can expect a healthy amount of social awkwardness on my  part, a lot of laughs, and some amazing candid photos. I also edit photos that night if I can so you will have a sneak peak very quickly. I'm very punctual however I can get lost when traveling down town (I'm a country mouse at heart). I clean up pretty well and parents love me.   

Do you ever do discount, free sessions or minisessions? 

I typically only give out discounts or free sessions for a few select reasons.

1.) I could be launching something new and want to incentivize it

2.) I am giving back to my followers (for example after I pass a certain year of my business, other milestones, or for the holidays) 

3.) I am donating to a charitable cause (such as public school raffles). So be on the look out for those occasions if you are interested in free or discounted sessions! I do not make a habit of discounting often because I have worked very very hard to know that my pricing is worthy of the product and it will fit almost all of my customers needs! I also accept payment plans to further ensure that I can serve everyone the best that I can. I also transitioned to offering seasonal minisessions four times a year. There will be limited availability but they will be offered at an extremely discounted rate when they are so be sure to look out for them! 

What does your turn around time look like?


For all of my shoots I try and have a sizable preview to you 48 hours after the time of your photoshoot, this could change depending on what else I am scheduled to shoot the next day, but that is the goal. After that for normal shoots I will have your photos ready after two weeks from the date of the shoot, and for weddings 6-8 weeks. While I try and make sure to be prompt on delivery, I also want to make sure I have dedicated the right amount of time on your photoshoot to make sure the photos are pristine, so if I need more time I will for sure communicate that with you. 

How will we get our photos? 

I use a really amazing website called PixieSet which allows you to download all the high resolution copies to your computer. Unfortunately, there is no mobile download as of right now, as the large files would likely fill up your phone very quickly. When you get the email link to your gallery, you will be brought to a welcome page, and once you enter the welcome page you will see a large page with all the photos placed in a grid. In the top right hand corner there is an arrow icon which points down, click that and download all the highlights. From there you have all the high resolution copies and are free to do what you wish with them!   

I'm a bride and I don't even know where to begin with photography for my big day, can you help?

I just got engaged and I am overwhelmed, do you have any advice? 

This is the most common feeling I get at the meetings with new brides, so I created this. It should give you some ideas on what to expect for photography and will you give you some guidelines how to plan for it. Take a look at,

It should answer a lot of your questions when it comes to how to plan for photography on your big day.